Donations needed for May (and future plans)

It appears that May-2017 is going to be a money problem month, just like April. The reason now for this problem is due to my electric company changing their billing policy in such a way that I now get a electric bill every three months instead of monthly. This change resulted in a unusually high electric bill this month and that is creating problems for me. The electric bill is in total 283,12€ or 2.106,20 DKK. I also had problem (to make matter worse) with the VISA in Iceland (that I use for emergency cases) due to a dental problems I now have and have to be fixed by June or the tooth might be lost. I don’t know the cost of that at the moment since I have applied for a grant from the multiplicity I live in Denmark due to how poor I am.

If people can help me with the electric bill it would be welcomed. I have already moved 1000 DKK / 134,42€ to next month with VISA, that leaves me just short of 1106 DKK for the electric bill. I think that others bills are covered with what remains in my bank account in Iceland, its not much, but should cover the internet [5th May] and the hot water bill [3rd May] (that are paid in the next few days). I know this seems to be endless problems for me and sometimes they are, its unusual that this happens two months in a row. I normally get a month or a two as a break in this endless problems I have with money at the moment. That didn’t happen this month and is increasing my problems at the moment. Since I have to be able to pay the electric bill.

The good news are this. I have now paid down one loan (since last year, due to the move to Denmark) and earlier this year (February) I finished paying off the debt with the Danish tax from 2014. This means that the situation is getting better slowly. I wish this would happen, but reality doesn’t agree with me and there little I can do about it.

Thanks to a donation at the end of the month I was able to buy some extra food and put into the freezer and that means I don’t have to buy food for the next few days.

This also means that I have to delay the upgrade of my dedicated server for few months while the largest financial problems I’m currently dealing with are over. According to my plan I should be fully or close to debt free by August-2018 in Iceland. With the exception of possibly one minor loan if needed for buying new 4G hardware for the geophone in Böðvarshólar. Due to new frequency plan in Iceland 4G is soon going to be on 700Mhz and I need to have proper hardware for that once it goes on-line and a better antenna for that station for better gain (I know a lot about antennas and frequency and how that all works)

Thanks for the support. 🙂

Future plan

My plan on moving to Spain seems to have failed. The reason for that failure is simple. Along side with the plan on where I live I also have a plan regarding what I want to do in the field of science. The science plan has a priority over where I want to live plan, but only to such a degree that the plans need to fit together. If they do not, the science plan has priority. This is what happened now. The problem I did see when it came to Spain is that the house architecture and density (even in small villages) is not something I can work with. The second issue was difficulty in getting to Iceland as there are no direct flights from Spain to Iceland and due to that the travel time is up to 11 hours.

This is not a issue in Germany, some areas don’t have direct flight to Iceland but the travel time is around 6 hours less than from Spain at those location. There are direct flights to Iceland from Frankfurt, but not from Berlin or Hanover. I don’t know why that is, I guess its not economical to offer such services at those locations. If my plan fail, they do so quickly, since I normally check all criteria that I’m looking for quickly as was in this case. I’ve set-up a strict checking system to see if the place I want to move to fits my science plans and ideas. When it came to Spain the checks says it would not pass and if I move there it would just mean problems for me regarding my science plans.

The location I’m going to be moving to is going to be a bit outside of Frankfurt, I don’t have the details yet since that part of the plan is not in action yet (starts 2019 – 2020, depending on factors). I plan on setting up a long-period Volksmeter once I have a house (that I own) in Germany. I can’t do a lot with a rental property when it comes to my science plan and other things I want to do.

In Germany I’m going to monitor the West Eifel hotspot (science paper), it is known locally as West Eifel volcanic field. Last eruption took place around 10.300 years ago (8300 BCE) and there seems to be some gas activity in the area. No hydrothermal activity takes place at West Eifel volcano field at the moment. I plan to use the long period seismometers in order to monitor earthquake activity in Italy, Spain and other earthquake activity around the world.

Other notes

I have now moved to Windows 10 from Gentoo Linux. The reason for that move is the fact Linux in general doesn’t do so well as a Desktop operating system and since I started using Linux in 2003 what I need to do has changed along with the technology being used.. I plan to write about this here soon, not sure when that is going to happen. I find Windows 10 adequate, but it is clear that I need to upgrade my sound card (from ~2002) to get rid of sound problems I’m currently having due its age and limited compatibility with Windows 10 (the sound card works, but lacks certain features that limit sound problems I’ve been dealing with in Windows 10).

Please note that I sometimes need a break from writing to recharge my batteries and just to do other things than being in front of the computer writing. It has also been mostly quiet in Iceland since the Reykjanes ridge earthquake activity. Bárðarbunga volcano has so regular earthquake activity now that I have almost stopped writing about it unless its an earthquake above 4,0 in magnitude.

Article update on 05-May-2017 at 18:30 UTC. Future plans part has been re-written and updated. I ran into a few issues with the original plan I had written about.

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  1. Well, if you would like something more to add to the mix we just had a 6.4 and 10 jolts from 2.9 to 4.8 near the area of northwestern Canada that borders with Alaska. That 6.4 was very shallow as well at a 2.5 k depth.

      1. I just received this from the Pacific Geoscience Centre:
        The earthquakes are a result of two magnitude 6 earthquakes that occurred Monday morning. There have been hundreds of aftershocks (which is normal after an earthquake or two of that size) and many are greater than magnitude 4.

        That sw Yukon/nw BC region has a lot of seismicity and historically has had a number of large earthquakes in the magnitude 6, 7, and 8 range. The largest was a magnitude 8.6 earthquake in Yakutat Bay area in 1899.

        Taimi Mulder

        Earthquake Seismologist
        Canadian Hazards Information Service
        Geological Survey of Canada

  2. Þannig að þú ert svona “cyber betlari”. Af hverju ferðu bara ekki að vinna fyrir þér eins og annað fólk?

    1. Translation of this comment.

      “You are one of those “cyber beggars”. Why don’t you just start working for your self as other people do?”

      What Sverrir is referring to is this here.

      I guess Sverrir doesn’t notice the 1237 articles I’ve written here since September-2011. That is a hard work to write all those articles.

      1. I think football players make a lesser contribution to humanity than Jon, yet they receive ridiculous donations from people who just want to feel part of something. I’d rather buy a ticket to follow Jon’s game of geoscience than to sit in a stadium and shout at people chasing an artificial pigs bladder. That’s my preference.

      2. I use to believe the only trolls were those in children’s stories, but when I see Sverrir and others making rude comments about something of which they know nothing I realize that trolls really do exist. Just ignore them Jon.

  3. Jon we appreciate the work you put in and keeping us up to date . I am particularly empathetic as i have ADHD which has made working at normal jobs impossible. I was very fortunate to land a career writing reports at fees similar to the legal profession but many do not . Having multiple clients who enjoy, and contribute to our lively hood is how we survive and rarely thrive. The others have multiple employers sequentially with large unemployed and depressing gaps in between. Someday they will recognize that our brains are poorly wired and use alternative circuits to perform normal functions. The same adaptation that those missing a limb or sight or hearing do. Except theirs is more obvious and expectations as a result are lower. We share this condition with many others who had social problems. Edison, Einstein, Galileo, were thought to as is elon musk and mr Branson of Virgin records who both move from project to project as you do from country to country. Keep up your great work for us.


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