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April-2017 is going to be one of those awful bill months for me. As it currently stands I’m in the negative once all the bills are paid. Without donations I would not be able to keep this website running as things currently are. The good news is that this type of situation (me being completely broke) is going to happen less or not at all after June-2017 when the worst of my payment of my debt is over. Then the amount of payment I’m doing monthly is going to drop a little and it is also going to help that I’ve cancelled my cable subscription for good (it’s just useless reruns with advertisements most of the time). The reason for my problem this month is the cable bill, in Denmark they have the bad habit (in my view) of billing people for up to 6 months at the time for a bill (mostly new subscribers), with normal period being 3 months. Currently for me it is difficult to deal with this. I did try to save money for this bill, but that didn’t work out due to other bill where I’m charged for 6 months at the time (this is a bill that I can’t skip or cancel, since this trash collecting and such service).

I take writing on this website seriously as I do with any other job that I have worked in the past. As such I spend most days watching what is happening in Iceland, if not at home, then when I’m outside. Most of the time, as long time readers of this website know, everything is quiet in Iceland most of the time. Unlike many other websites. I don’t have windows jumping at readers when they leave this website with messages like “subscribe to our mail list” or something of that nature. I also try keep advertisement in a such way that I get paid and people can buy stuff from Amazon if they want to and and at the same time without being annoying.

My current financial problems are coming to and end in next few months. They should end by August-2018 I hope if everything goes according to a plan. After that I’ll have less problems, but due to my low income at the moment, I’ll always have some issues with money. Thanks for the support. 🙂

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  1. Don’t mean this in a negative way, but do you have a “proper” day-job? Is there anything you can do/have done to reach a sustainable income level? Sorry if too personal, again not a judgement!

    1. There are no jobs for my education level (or lack of it, I have problems learning in school).

      All jobs require a university degree or above (bachelor ,masters, Phd). I also don’t qualify for work for the uneducated due to how the system works in Denmark (it appears). Since then the salary is paid by the multiplicity that temporary hires the worker. That would just maybe put me on other form of benefits if I’m entitled to them, I don’t think I am since that is earned in the Danish system and Denmark do deport people that go on assistance soon after they move to Denmark, even if that’s against Nordic agreement on the matter and they are from Iceland, Sweden, Norway.

      It is also plenty of work working on this website, even if income is low at the moment (just from advertisements). It takes time to write an article, just one article here can take up to 2 to 3 hours to write if it is in some details, just a small article can take up to an hour to write. I also convert those articles to the Icelandic version of this website. This is a lot of work, when it takes me up to 4 to 5 hours to collect and check the data in each article (if something is happening).

      Writing is also a job.

      As explained in the article above from a writer. It’s a job like any other.

      My problem is debt and also low income from the social welfare in Iceland (I’ve got Asperger’s syndrome and my version is a bit tricky). The policy in Iceland is to keep people on benefit poor so they can’t do anything, the larger issue that the low wages policy in Iceland is the same one (ugly and needs to be banned by law).

      What is a “proper” day-job anyway? I just know that this article doesn’t have the answer.

      1. It’s a disgusting way to treat people. Sadly all they see is money not people. I have Asperger’s too so I can sympathise. I’m fortunate that the system isn’t too bad in the UK, but it’s getting worse under a Conservative government. I would donate if I could.

    2. when i was stydying in England my Bachelor in Business, i wasn’t one of the good students. But you can fool some of the teachers when instead you analyse a subject you just describe it. I read your ‘blog’ since 2008 and your articles are 99% percent describing a situation with earthquakes not analysing. And in the majority of your articles you mostly end them with the same words in every article… In 4 or 5 hours you can write a draft about 4000 words about a topic that you are familiar… your article is not more than 20 minutes… but in any case if you need 4 hours to change dates, numbers add places in already saved templates….then you are trying to fool us. in the last 2 years you mostly begging….find a job… dont ask money for shitty articles with the excuse that you are an author… you are in downgrading mode…just close the blog and find a damn job….

      1. I don’t use templates to write articles. I’m just really good at memorizing things in a certain patterns. I for instance remember every music I have ever heard in my life, regardless if I remember the name of the song in question.

        Most of the time I don’t need to do analyse (or to write it down), since its a straight forward earthquake that happens. Some articles are quicker to write than others, but finding the correct words takes time to find and put in their right place (so everything works out in a decent on the grammar level).

        I don’t cheat.

        Most of the analyse I’ve been doing in the past few months are about Bárðarbunga volcano and what might happen next in it. There isn’t much to analyse in most cases when it comes to regular old fault earthquakes, or fault valley earthquakes (like the ones north of Kolbeinsey two weeks ago).

        This comment has been slighted edited from its original version.

      2. I also want to add few things. That I didn’t notice earlier (thinking about other things).

        * This website didn’t exist in 2008. I created it in 2011, after the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull volcano. So you cannot have been reading it from 2008. My oldest website is from 2006, but it’s mostly in Icelandic. A language you don’t understand.
        * Your English is way below the requirement (link below of requirement needed to be allowed into the door in one of those schools) for passing any grade in English business school, since they require a top grade in English before they even allow you in the door.

        As it says in the website of London Business School. This is just one example, but this I think general requirement at minimum for those schools at masters level degree (MBA and above).

        “If English is not your native language, or if you have not been studying fully in English or living in an English-speaking country for at least two years, please submit your IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge CPE, CAE or PTE Academic score. Other tests will not be accepted. ”


        You’re English is even well below what I was learning in school and even then I didn’t manage to keep up with the class speed (that is my main problem, not that I can’t learn, the speed of learning is just too fast for me), resulting in poor grades and a lot of spelling and grammar errors.

        I don’t know what you are doing today, but I can’t image it to be work of any type.

      3. Wow, nearly “10” years you are reading this blog. But why? Only because you have not to pay for?

  2. It can be hard to get a job with a broken employment record, if you CV mainly consists of seasonal work periods (when not a student) a lot of employers will not even look at you. This can make it very hard for people like Jón who are then excluded by possible employers from the little reliable work they actually could do.

    1. That is my main problem. Where I used to live (Hvammstangi) all I got was a seasonal work (June to August). The slaughterhouse just runs from September to October and that was the only work I got last time I lived in Iceland (both places).

      The job market in Hvammstangi is so small and so saturated that it was not possible for me to get a permanent job in any field. The Icelandic government even moved jobs into the area, but they all required a equal of collage degree or above to be able apply for them (desk-job in maturity leave office).

  3. Interesting deep EQ this morning > Tuesday
    04.04.2017 07:31:35 64.888 -17.190 24.2 km 1.3 99.0 2.9 km ESE of Trölladyngja

    1. Yes, this is one the area I’ve been watching for possible eruption. I don’t know if it’s going to happen, but it is worth monitoring this area for future activity. This was also a deep earthquake, suggesting magma movements.

  4. Since 2011, when I started this website I have written 1231 article and 54569 comment have been made so far (this would be comment 54570).

    That’s on average 41 article over 30 day period, or 102 articles a year on average if I’m doing the maths right (I might not be doing it right).

    1. I’m waiting for Icelandic Met Office final review of this earthquake activity. I saw something interesting on my geophone in Böðvarshólar, I’m not sure what it means, but the N-S signal was different on that station than on my Heklubyggð geophone station. I don’t know what it means, but the difference is interesting and it might even have shown up on IMO SIL network.

  5. Jon perhaps “manolis” should be banned from commenting on this site until he learns how to behave! There are some of us who have followed your site for years and not once have any one of us complained about how the articles are written, some have complained about what you might have said or inferred about conditions or the status of a specific volcanic situation although many of them have had to admit that your knowledge of the specifics of Icelandic volcanology is more than adequate to justify your statements . This creep “manolis” cannot even get his facts straight about how much he knows about the site let alone what the site is about or not. Ignore him.

    1. WordPress sadly doesn’t have a “banning” option. The best I can do is to divert all his future comments into the spam box by adding his name and IP address to that black list.

      This type of people generally just leave one comment and are never heard from again. I’ll however not let them get away with any nonsense in their claims.

  6. I’m now looking into moving the hosting of this website to Icelandic hosting at much lower prices (79,32€/year for hosting (9540 ISK), 141,27€/year ssl support [https] (16990 ISK), 28,93€/year ssl hosting (3480 ISK)). I have now sent the first request to that company to see if they are able to host my website and other websites I’m currently hosting on the server I’m using today.

    I’ll know soon enough if I can move my hosting to Iceland or not.

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