Earthquake activity increasing in Katla volcano again

For the last 24 hours (15 and 16.02.2017) earthquake activity has been increasing in Katla volcano. If it follows earlier pattern, a swarm of earthquakes with magnitude 3,0 or stronger might happen in Katla volcano in next few days or next week at the latests. Please note that there is no good way to say when this might happen and time estimates are just guesses (based on current best data).

Earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Current earthquake activity was not strong, the largest earthquake that happened had a magnitude of 2,0. All other earthquakes had smaller magnitude (at the moment). Earlier pattern have been that small earthquake swarm starts, a break happens for several hours for up to several days and then a swarm of activity happens with one or more earthquake with magnitude above 3,0. I’m expecting this pattern to repeat it self now, but what actually happens remains to be seen.

4 Replies to “Earthquake activity increasing in Katla volcano again”

  1. Jon wouldn’t you love to be able to see under that glacier just to see what is going on with Katla

  2. I used to go on about how almost all significant EQ activity at surface level (or 0.1 km) was preceded by EQs deep in the Katla system. But I think I have to scrap that amateur theory. 🙂 Last few weeks it has seemed a lot more irregular. Still very excited to see how this will develop.

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