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February 2017 is going to be a difficult month in terms of money. Due to two bills that I got and that was out of my control why this did happen. This is also happening because I’m lowering my overdraft at the bank fast for few months, until I slow down a bit (when I’m back to my planned levels). The good news is that I have finished paying up tax debt from 2014 with the Danish tax, its finished and is never coming back.

The bills I still haven’t paid are this ones.

  • The internet bill, it’s in automatic payment and is paid on Monday 6th February (I can manually pay the bill until 28th of February). That bill is 2.492,83 DKK (335,13€).  Due to some bill problem (for me) my internet company in Denmark didn’t send me a bill for several months and are now charging for 7 month period. I did complain about this, since I’m not happy about this as it creates problem for me. It was also at the worst time, during the period when I was paying down my debt that higher rate than normal.
  • The electricity bill is 2011,95 DKK (270,48€). The good news here is that I can afford this due to Amazon U.S payments that I’ll get in few days I think. But once I’m finished paying this I’ll be out of money to buy food for the rest of the month. I have until 15th of February to pay the electricity bill. The electricity bill this month is this high since they are adding up debt that was collected during last year (due to billing problems at the electricity company). I already had paid something into it (thankfully), but I still had unpaid around 1.500 DKK (201,68€). This happens due to high electricity usage that I have (running all those computers costs a bit of money in terms of electricity).

I find this type of problem stressful and I’m not happy about it, since it has the negative side effect of ruining my carefully planned plans. If anyone can help me with this month money problems a donation is welcomed. Since without it I’m going to be without internet at worst. One thing is for sure, I might run into problem buying food this month. I’m not sure how to deal with that, thankfully I have something in my freezer to use.

Thanks for the support. 🙂

Update on donations

I wanted to post this little update on donations (for a change). Current donations of 410€ allow me to pay all the internet bill without any problems. The rest is almost enough to pay the electricity bill in full (I don’t have around 700 DKK [~94€] so that I can pay the electricity bill). I don’t have the full amount to pay it at the moment, but once the Amazon U.S checks clear the bank I’m going to be able to pay it and have some left to buy food this month. The reason why I don’t have the full amount at the moment is that I had to buy food for next week at least, I buy based on current offers in the store and I buy enough so that I can put in my freezer.

Update on donations (08.02.2017)

Thanks to donations I should be able to pay the electric bill in full on Friday and have little thing left to use until the Amazon U.S checks are paid out by my bank in Iceland. I’m happy that this issue got resolved with help from people.

Thanks for all that support.

Server maintenance

The server needs to be upgraded due to it running a updated versions of php, mysql and other software. This update update is going to happen tonight (I hope) after 23:00 UTC (on 03.02.2017 until 04.02.2017) at the earliest and might run as long to 09:00 UTC. During that time access to this website might be limited or none at all.

Update on server maintenance

The server software is going to be updated from 23:00 UTC today (04.02.2017). It is expected that the update is going to take 2 hours at least if no other issues happens.

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14 Replies to “Please remember to support my work”

  1. Jon, I can give you another donation on the 15th February, I just need to know how much you get off a donation so I can try and give you a bit more. I’m in Scotland so my donation is in pounds. So can work it out so I can give you as much as I can.

    1. Thanks for the support. 🙂

      You are free to support me as you like or can. If you can’t support me much that’s also good. I understand that other people also have money issue, not just me.

  2. Jon,
    I’ve finally been employed full-time for the past few months. Things are starting to even out and I will hopefully be able to donate on both of my paydays this month. I’m an avid fan of your site and your wisdom. I look forward to supporting your work.

  3. Sorry Jon it will be the end of Feb before I can send anything.
    For those who have not visited that Futurevolc site it has a ton of info on not just the volcanoes but a good deal of info on population around Iceland. I was able to add a ton of info to my spread sheet for the various segments of the IMO regions. the map detail is outstanding for road and population centers. any idea when the map got updated last?

  4. As far as I’m concerned, this is not a free website but a service that just doesn’t have a fixed price. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford to pay a little for your work, so as long as I hang around here, I will donate something every month. After all, I know from personal experience that unlike some people seem to think, encouraging words and warm thoughts are not a source of nutrition and electricity, and the fact that you keep this service accessible to everyone doesn’t mean that you don’t have any expenses.

    1. Thanks for your support. 🙂

      Nothing on the internet is really free. We all got expenses to pay, not just at home. But also for hosting of this website.

  5. The server is going to be upgraded tonight I hope. This means it is going to go offline for some time while the upgrade is taking place. The upgrade time is between 23:00 UTC and until 09:00 UTC.

  6. The server software upgrade is going to happen on 04.02.2017 from 23:00 UTC. It is going to last for around 1 to 2 hours if no major problems happen.

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