Earthquake activity in Katla caldera

On Monday 26-December-2016 (second day of Christmas) a magnitude 3,3 earthquake happened in Katla volcano. This was the largest earthquake that day. Following this earthquake a few dozen smaller earthquakes have been taking place, the last ones in the past few hours on 27-December-2016. The largest of those earthquakes had a magnitude of 1,6.

The earthquake activity in Katla volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

There has been some fluctuation in the conductivity of Múlakvísl for the last few days. Not all of it might be due to magma related matter getting into the glacier river (at least not new material). The bad weather is moving old volcano ash and sand and some of it is falling into the nearby glacier rivers and increasing conductivity. Along with old material melting off the glacier in the sudden heat that has been going on in Iceland for the past few hours.

Storm warning

Please be aware that if you are in Iceland that a storm is about to hit Iceland and it appears to be rather bad. It is going to start to get colder in the next few hours and start to snow again after the sudden heatwave that happened in Iceland for the last 24 hours. This means closed roads, impassible roads, heavy snow falling down and other problems that come with this type of weather. This storm is not expected to end until 29-December and then a new storm might happen. Good weather is not expected until 30-December-2016 or 31-December.


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7 Replies to “Earthquake activity in Katla caldera”

  1. After Jon posted there was a 2.3 Tuesday
    27.12.2016 03:27:22 PM 63.644 -19.087 0.1 km 2.3 99 7.1 km N of Hábunga
    this was followed by 2 more a 1. at 3:55 and another a 1.7 at 4:11 Katla is still reminding us she is out there, or she is complaining about the cold!

  2. There was an earthquake on Dec 25th that was strong for its depth; M2-point-something and 3.7 km deep. This might have been a precursor to the M3.3 that followed. Jon has pointed to this pattern before, i.e. deep earthquake activity being followed by shallow (usually 0.1 km), stronger earthquakes.

    Yesterday there was an M1.0 at a depth of 2.7 km, but perhaps this did not produce enough momentum for a new ‘green star’.

      1. Had to translate the written news story into English, that didn’t go well either! 🙂

      2. That is normal. Google Translate has some issues with Icelandic, you can try to copy the text to Google Translate and hope that the translation is going to be good, you have <1% chance of that happening.

  3. Conductivity in Múlakvísl is now 518, but it has been over 533 in the last few hours. Could this rise be due to weather conditions, or windblown pollution? I had understood that when the area was very wet and/or frozen (as it presumably is at the moment) that conductivity usually decreased.

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