Minor earthquake swarm on TFZ

Today (14-November-2016) a minor earthquake swarm started on TFZ (Tjörnes Fracture Zone). Largest earthquake so far has the magnitude of 3,2, other earthquakes have been smaller in magnitude.

The earthquake activity in TFZ. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

So far this earthquake swarm has not been big and it doesn’t look like its going to develop into a big earthquake swarm at the moment. In other parts of Iceland everything is quiet, with just one off or few earthquakes happening in each location.

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  1. Monday
    14.11.2016 14:33:36 66.617 -17.850 10.0 km 3.3 99.0 11.0 km NE of Grímsey

    14.11.2016 12:29:56 66.651 -17.890 12.7 km 3.2 99.0 13.2 km NNE of Grímsey

  2. There was an M0.8 at 7.5 km depth in the Katla caldera this morning.
    Wondering if this little push will result in any further magmatic activity. I hope so, since Katla hasn’t been very exciting to monitor lately 🙂

    Conductivity in Mulakvisl rising steadily aswell. 169 microsiemens/cm right now.

  3. What about the 1.8 and 2.3 at only 100 meters depth w an sw of Landmannalaugar. Tectonic?

  4. Thank you very much Kay Tina Cook. Unfortunately, I am prompted for a username and password.

  5. Conductivity dropped sharply to -5,755 now since yesterday.

    OT: very beautiful Icelandic pictures in Windows 10 Spotlight. Grab them while you can.

    1. There was a deep EQ in Katla yesterday morning (M0.7 at 12.3 km depth). This swarm might be triggered by that deep magmatic quake.

      I didn’t notice until now that the AUS station is offline since Nov 14. Hope they get it running again, soon.

  6. Katla has been more interesting today. Conductivity in Múlakvisl was 280.5 earlier today, now it has dropped “only” to around 180.

    There is also more earthquake activity today than during previous days (so far 32 during the past 48 hours, most of those occurring today), but 3 eq:s between 2 and 3, deepest occurring at 3km.

    I think I’ll be keeping a little closer eye to Katla again.

  7. two more :
    Saturday 19.11.2016 04:50:41 AM 64.675 -17.453 6.4 km 4.0 99 5.2 km NE of Bárðarbunga
    Saturday 19.11.2016 02:31:12 AM 64.681 -17.53 8.0 km 3.0 99 4.5 km N of Bárðarbunga

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