Earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano (Week 43)

On 27-Oktober-2016 at 02:08 & 02:09 UTC an magnitude 3,5 and 3,3 took place in Bárðarbunga volcano. During the day several smaller earthquakes happened in the same place in the Bárðarbunga volcano (close to North-East of the caldera).

The earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Currently Bárðarbunga volcano is inflating with fresh magma from deep mantle. This process started in September-2015 and is going to continue until a new eruption starts from Bárðarbunga volcano (or in Bárðarbunga volcano).

Italy earthquakes

Since I’m living in Denmark I did record the earthquakes in Italy. I did record the magnitude 5,5 earthquake (poorly) and the magnitude 6,1 earthquake (clearly).

The earthquake in Italy, this is the magnitude 6,1 earthquake. This image is under Creative Commons licence, please see CC Licence for more details.

I can record those earthquakes in Denmark since the distance is only ~1500 km. The minimum magnitude for my hardware to record earthquakes at this distance is around magnitude 5,4. Due to high background noise where I live.

Laptop and other hardware issues

Since I never got the laptop I was promised (It never showed up in the mail) I might not have any computer in December when I go to Iceland. I might resort to buying a new laptop with a loan from a store I know of. If I do that, I’ll go for a cheap laptop (that is also best, since I only use them when I travel). I also did not get a used hard drive that I promised and other hardware, the persons that told me that they wanted to donate that hardware to me just vanished and have not contacted me again over that. I have gotten hardware donations in the past and that is not a issue to get them if they are sent with the mail from within the EU.


Please remember to donate. I have to pay a high electric bill next month due to problem they had for the past six months. At least they gave me a discount (I think) since it was entirely their fault. Yet that is going to leave me rather broke in November. Thanks for the support. 🙂

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  1. Deep earthquakes under Torfajökull (4.0km and 11,5km). What’s really going on? Is this volcanic tremors?

    1. Might just be hydrothermal systems chaining. The problem with Torfajökull is that magma lies shallow in that volcano, in some areas only down to 1 km.

  2. I believe the eartquakes you mention in Italy are tectonic, but can you find any signs of magma movement related eartquakes in this area of Italy? The reason I ask is that fact that there are some very large extinct volcanoes in this part of Italy in fact I believe just in the vicinity of all these earthquakes.

    Although not in the region of the above earthquakes, The Colli Albani near Rome was suppose to be extinct but has recently become active see

    So could all these quite large earthquakes lead to a volcanic event? Also I note that the second earthquake was larger than the first, quite unusual, so maybe it was not an aftershock but a seperate event.

    1. There is no magma connected to this activity in Italy, its just tectonics, but this is complex tectonic settings in Italy in this area so I can’t provide any more details.

  3. Now I need help (with donations) to make November work in terms of finances. Since the Danish tax wants me to pay extra 1422 DKK (191€) for this years taxes. November is going to be really broke month for me. :/

    1. Not to mention the dentist I’ve been planning on going to since August, but I can’t since I can’t afford the little amount of 2593 DKK (348,53€). I hate being poor and my tooth has started to give off pain. :/

      I also need to have one tooth removed since its too damaged to get repaired (it has already been repaired several years ago) and that is going to cost more than 1500 DKK (201,62€). :/

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    1. Askja volcano is collecting magma. This process seems to be getting faster at the moment. That might lead to an eruption sooner than I thought.

  4. Off Topic: Has anyone else got the feeling that something big is coming to Italy (in the way of earthquakes)?

  5. I think I am seeing a slight harmonic tremor at Askja volcano but I’m not sure, all 3 lines are going rapidly up and the red one in sync with the other. No other station is showing this spike. Plus there have been a few EQ’s there today.

    1. *Note* I dont think that it is a harmonic tremor come to think of it, it would be way more blatant if it was, maybe background noice.

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