Thanks for the patience and understanding

I want to thank my readers for the patience and the understanding of the quiet period following the sudden passing of my step-father on 11th of July 2016. This past month has been difficult for me and my family and the recovery process is far from complete, but I’m doing my best to live with the new reality with my step-father.

Life is never going to be the same for me, this is however just how the world works and I’ll have to live with it.

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  1. Oh, Jon, I know how you feel and in what kind of situation you are: I lost both my parents-in-law within three months, this year… So please take care of your family and yourself… I do understand you have other problems tham vulcano’s and earthquackes… Good to hear from you! All the best, regards from The Netherlands!

  2. Just hope your life goes better now on! please John can you give us some thoughts on what’s happening on Katla? Another star today M3.5 on Bardarbunga caldera with more deep quakes there too… Thank you, Luis.

  3. More interesting that Katla is I think Hekla today.

    3 small earthquakes in Hekla, but both are relatively deep. Still could be tectonic but just within the Hekla volcanic system.

    However 3 GPS stations, around Hekla, show sudden movements in the past few days, mostly a southeast movement towards the volcano and some deflation, which is a bit unusual.

    Borehole strain measurements are still normal.

    1. If I ever get to visit Iceland, I’m never going anywhere near Hekla, I certainly don’t have a deathwish!

  4. Thanks for coming back to us, Jon. Work is often the best response to loss of a loved one, once the initial shock wears off.

  5. Sorry for your loss. Time will heal everything. Very informative blog! Would you recommend traveling against South Coast since its near Katla? I am have plans to go there between the 20th-25th.

    1. Thanks.

      As for Katla, for the moment travelling to the south coast close to Vík í Mýrdals is safe since Katla has quieted down since the peak in activity few days ago. You have to hope for a good weather, that would be your biggest concern for the moment.

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