Automatic article 12th of August

This is an automatic article for 12th of August so people can continue to discussions if something is happening in Iceland.

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  1. Magnitude mb 4.5
    Date time 2016-08-14 18:57:44.2 UTC
    Location 52.62 N ; 32.68 W
    Depth 10 km
    Distances 1425 km SW of Reykjavík, Iceland / pop: 113,906 / local time: 18:57:44.2 2016-08-14
    1689 km SE of Nuuk, Greenland / pop: 14,798 / local time: 16:57:44.2 2016-08-14
    1767 km W of Dublin, Ireland / pop: 1,024,027 / local time: 19:57:44.2 2016-08-14

  2. Jón, I just wondered if you have a date yet for your return to Denmark? Of course, you have to take all the time you need. I hope you, your mother and familyy are receiving the kindness which is needed.

    1. I’m now back home in Denmark. The return date was on 16th of August, I didn’t know in July if it would get delayed, since things where unclear when I bought the airfare to Iceland. It didn’t get delayed so I’m now back home in Denmark.

  3. Hi Jon I hope you are doing ok after your loss there’s been some good on going earthquake swarms at Bardarbunga and Grimsfjall volcano discovery reporting as magma intrusion at depth

    1. I’m back home now. There are just few other things that have kept me busy for the last two days and its been quiet in Iceland those days in terms of earthquakes.

      Some magma intrusion is taking place in Bárðarbunga volcano. That is not going to lead to an eruption just now. Since its too few earthquakes at the moment.

    1. Friday
      19.08.2016 16:00:01 63.662 -19.166 2.0 km 3.5 99.0 4.8 km ENE of Goðabunga
      19.08.2016 15:58:56 63.653 -19.173 1.7 km 2.4 99.0 4.1 km ENE of Goðabunga

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