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  1. Iceland Met Office announcement on Katla volcano.

    Please note that I won’t write any new articles until after 16th of August. I need this time to recover from the sudden passing of my step-father (I think is the right English word for this) on the 11th of July. It has drained my mentally and I need to recover from this shock. It is going to take a lot longer than until 16th of August, but at that time I’ll be ready to start my work again in writing.

    1. Jon,
      You take all the time you need. Losing a parent or someone who was like a parent to you is a hurt I can’t yet imagine. Take all the time you need. We here are patient. You’ve been on my mind frequently.

      A step-father is a man who married your mother after she was separated from your biological father.

      Condolences <3

  2. Jón, many thanks for taking the trouble to draw our attention to link above when you are feeling far from your best. It is so important you take the time to heal from the shock which the sudden passing of a dear one brings.

  3. Take time to grieve properly John. You do an amazing job on here – thank you.

  4. A mw 4.0 earthquake at 5.4 km depth; also an earthquake at 20.3 km depth before the 4.0 and one at 18.6 km depth after the 4.0! All at the northside of the caldera (were most of the earthquakes were during the 2014 eruption (if I’m not mistaking!).
    Although a bit late, also my condoleances for the loss of your foster father. Ik know what it feels like, to loose someone who is very dear to you!

    Kind regards,

    Henk Weijerstrass

  5. BB turning in it’s relative ‘rest’ or are we getting close to something?
    Wait & see I guess.

    Jon, time is a great healer, take as much as you need!

  6. The depth of the BB quakes is a variety of very deep levels, definitely some stuff moving up. Tremor signatures are pretty even though, so I doubt anything is super imminent. Just a wait and see!

    Katla still has me keeping an eye open. Even though there is a lot of glacial flood, every 4th or 5th earthquake is fairly deep, several km down. Not convinced she’s going to let BB take center stage first!

  7. Saturday
    06.08.2016 17:09:55 66.608 -17.782 14.1 km 2.9 99.0 12.5 km NE of Grímsey

    06.08.2016 10:19:35 66.623 -17.770 14.7 km 3.2 99.0 13.9 km NE of Grímsey

    06.08.2016 09:29:26 66.616 -17.791 14.3 km 3.1 99.0 12.7 km NE of Grímsey

    06.08.2016 07:21:04 66.618 -17.794 14.2 km 3.0 99.0 12.7 km NE of Grímsey
    06.08.2016 07:19:04 66.622 -17.781 14.4 km 3.4 99.0 13.5 km NE of Grímsey

  8. Earthquake swarm in eastern TFZ, close to Eyjafjörður area. The largest earthquake so far has the magnitude of 3,7. This appears to be a rather large earthquake swarm for the area with many small earthquakes at the moment.

    This is not volcano related, since no known volcano exist in this part of Iceland. This is only tectonic activity.

  9. Very few activity in the past weeks and then suddenly out of nowhere three 3+ EQ’s.

  10. The tremor signatures for Grindavik, Krysuvik, and Reykanes SILs are showing some interesting patterns, esp given the pattern of deep but minor quakes along the peninsula lately. Just in the past day, but I’m intrigued about the next few days.

    1. The tremor signature change in this places is due to deep ocean wave hitting Iceland south coast. It increases the noise level by many factors. You don’t see this on SIL station that are far away from the coastline.

      1. Jon by deep ocean wave do you mean a single wave ? Like a tidal wave or storm surge wave?

  11. Activity seems to have quieted down in Iceland at the moment. I’m expecting more activity on TFZ and possibly in Bárðarbunga volcano.

    1. There are no clouds of steam coming from Katla volcano. Since Katla volcano is covered by a glacier that is up to 330 meters thick. What you are seeing on webcams are normal clouds.

  12. Please note that my laptop is giving up due to age (its 10 years old now). If it fails in the next few days I’ll due my best to accept comments that go into moderation (new posters) until I’m back home.

    Currently this website is not mobile friendly, but I do plan on changing that soon (I hope).

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