All quiet in Iceland (at the moment)

Currently everything is quiet in Iceland, from midnight (UTC) there have only been five earthquakes recorded (automatic, the manual number is higher) and I’m not sure if any of them did have the magnitude above 1,0 (so far). It has been quiet in Iceland in the last few days, during a quiet time in the weather (no major wind). How long this quiet is going to last I don’t know. This type of quiet normally ends with a earthquake swarm somewhere in Iceland, sometimes they are big earthquake swarms and sometimes they are small earthquake swarms.

Due to how quiet it is I don’t have anything to report at the moment. What needs to be kept eye on are the normal suspect, Bárðarbunga volcano, Katla volcano and the fracture zones in north and south Iceland. Some activity might be happening deep on the Reykjanes ridge and north of Kolbeinsey Island (north of Grímsey Island).