Please remember to support Iceland geology

Keeping this website running costs money and keeping my self a float costs money. Currently I am preparing to search for a job in Denmark in order to resolve this money issue for good, but that is going to take some time. Popular channels on Youtube generally don’t ask for donations, they do it with partnership from a big corporations, something that I don’t have and I don’t think I’ll get any time soon.

For that reason I have to ask for donations in order to support my work. Current reason for why I am always broke is that I’m paying off loans and tax debt (to the danish state). It is going to take a while until I get this on decent levels. It is getting there, slowly and once I’m debt free I don’t have any plans on collecting debt again (with the exception on buying a house, if that ever becomes an option for me).

I work hard on updating this website and keeping track on what is happening in Iceland. Doing so is a lot of work and I got even more work classifying all the earthquakes I’ve recorded since 2010 (around ~40.000). This is a one man website at the moment and as is my income is not that high (I’ve never had a high income in my life).

Thanks for the support and keeping this website going.