Images of few of Iceland volcanoes

When I flew to Denmark on 14th of April the weather was mostly clear skies over Iceland. This allowed me to take pictures of few of the volcanoes in the flight path I was going. Due to constrains in WordPress I can’t show you the images here as I had hoped.

The images can be seen here. I’ll put up a special html page for them later on with text on what volcano you are seeing. Copyright of this images belongs to Jón Frímann Jónsson. They are free for personal use, but commercial use requires an license from me.

7 Replies to “Images of few of Iceland volcanoes”

  1. those are REALLY neat! Thank you for thinking to take them, and also for sharing!

  2. Yes thank you for sharing them Jon.
    Looking forward to being able to connect names to the images of the craters you shot.
    and to reading more both about things happening in Iceland as well as more of your stories!

  3. Thanks for those Jon! Lovely to see these features from a different angle.

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