Back on-line

I am now back on-line. I am going to start posting updates again in few hours.

This is just a minor auto-update post for comments.

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    1. The move did go mostly smoothly, few problems as expected. This move has however left me a bit financially strained. I was expecting that to happen, but the situation was slightly worse than I expected. I’ll deal with it as best I can in next few months while I smooth it out.

  1. welcome back – hope the move went well and you quickly settle in your new home!

    1. That would be timely. What’s up with Herðubreið? Nearly got a star today; I don’t think I’ve seen that strong before. I’ve read that there’s believed to have been an intrusion on the move in that area for some time.

      01.05.2016 03:35:38 65.155 -16.367 9.3 km 2.8 99.0 2.3 km SSW of Herðubreið

  2. I’m wondering what’s going on under Herðubreið and looking forward to an update of Jón from his new home. 🙂

  3. Green star coming up. 19:26, and is at M3.6 before manual check. Closest station is DYN.

  4. Sunday
    01.05.2016 19:26:12 64.660 -17.400 1.1 km 3.6 50.5 6.5 km ENE of

  5. There seems to be an earthquake swarm starting in Bárðarbunga volcano. I’ll write an article about this later on if I can, otherwise I will write it tomorrow.

  6. Sunday
    01.05.2016 19:26:12 64.665 -17.484 0.1 km 3.4 99.0 3.4 km NE of Bárðarbunga

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