Little connection to the internet 15th – 29th of April, also broke

Since I’m moving back to Denmark I’m going to be without any internet connection in the days between 15th to 29th of April. I might have some limited internet connection during that time, but nothing that I can use to write articles or continue to monitor earthquakes activity.

Any activity in that period can be posted in comments to this article. I’ll try to make a new short article before the comments close automatically after 14 days.


Please remember to support my work (I’m broke). It is also expensive to move like this and I don’t know at the moment when I’m going to get a job in Denmark. It might take few weeks until I get a job. Thanks for the support. ūüôā

Weekly earthquake activity in B√°r√įarbunga volcano

Yesterday (12-April-2016) at 22:26 UTC an magnitude 3,4 earthquake took place in B√°r√įarbunga volcano. Few other minor earthquakes also appeared following this earthquake.

The earthquake activity in B√°r√įarbunga volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

As I have mentioned before at some point, this earthquake activity in B√°r√įarbunga volcano is now a weekly feature, or close to it. I’m expecting more earthquake activity in next few days, or at least until next magnitude 3,0 or larger earthquakes takes place in B√°r√įarbunga volcano.