Possible confirmation of minor eruption in Hamarinn volcano in July 2011

In July-2011 a minor eruption took place in Hamarinn volcano (part of Bárðarbunga volcano system). For a long time I’ve thought that those events in Hamarinn volcano where an eruption, rather than anything else. Due to how the glacier flood appeared and how sudden this all thing did happen.

Today (05-March-2016) Stöð 2 (Channel 2) ran a small news segment about this and the possible confirmation of this minor eruption in Hamarinn volcano in July-2011. I have the same view on the minor eruption in Katla volcano that same month. Its the view of Magnús Tumi, professor in geology that the events in Katla volcano where due to hydrothermal activity, not a minor eruption. I disagree with his assessment on what did happen in Katla volcano that summer. The top flood from Hamarinn volcano in July-2011 was 2.200m³/sec.

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Vísir.is / Stöð 2 news in Icelandic

Lítið leynigos líklega í Vatnajökli árið 2011 (Vísir.is, Icelandic, images, video)

Earthquake swarm far north of Kolbeinsey Island

Today (5-March-2016) an earthquake swarm place took place around 190 km north of Kolbeinsey Island. Two largest earthquakes detected had the magnitude of 3,3. Other earthquakes where smaller in magnitude. Due to distance exact location is difficult to confirm, along with exact magnitude. This earthquake activity did not appear on EMSC seismic network.

Green stars show the location of this activity. Its only a best estimate by Icelandic Met Office. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

At this location there might be a volcano, it is unconfirmed at the moment. Last eruption is suspected to have taken place between 1997 or 1998. This volcano doesn’t have any name that I know of.