Four minor eruptions took place in Bárðarbunga volcano in August-2014

In Stöð 2 (Channel 2) news this evening was a short news segment about four minor eruptions that took place in the time between the dyke intrusion starting (16-August-2014) in Bárðarbunga volcano and until the eruption in Holuhraun (second link here) started (29-August-2014). The second small Holuhraun eruption, that lasted only for few hours (link 1 here [images, 2014], second link here [images, 2014]).

Those eruptions where small, didn’t break the glacier surface, but they did create small cauldrons. Three of those eruptions took place above the dyke on its path to Holuhraun eruption site. One of the eruption took place in side of Bárðarbunga volcano, south of the caldera (red circles on the map in the news). The mystery of what happened to all the melt-water has been mostly solved. Following this eruptions a rift episode took place (ongoing) and that formed cracks in the surface, allowing the water to go underground and not flowing into the nearby glacier rivers.

Magnús Tumi, the geologist spoken with at Earth Science at University of Iceland doesn’t think Bárðarbunga volcano is preparing for a new eruption. I disagree with his assessment. I base my assessment on earlier documented history, far as that goes and also the fact that rifting is currently taking place in this area and such events never do things quietly, even if no eruption happens, earthquakes do (and a lot of them).

Vísir / Stöð 2 news segment in Icelandic

Fjögur önnur eldgos urðu í Vatnajökli frá Bárðarbungu (, Icelandic, video, images)

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