Please remember to support my work (donations for March specially needed)

I put a lot of work into this website. It mostly happens when something is going on in Iceland, earthquake swarm or an eruption. But between those times things are quiet in Iceland the traffic to this website drops down to few thousands of page views a day.

Donations needed for March

I was hoping to keep things decent in March, but that didn’t work out properly since things cost in Iceland. I am also trying to save for transport cost of my belongings back to Denmark from Iceland. I say trying because I don’t think its going well at the moment. Money wise I hope that things are getting better for me, at least part of my debt is getting lower at the moment, while I had to increase it other areas (a little, not a big problem in the long run). My biggest problem in past few days is the fact my computer died and I had to replace it (I just buy the motherboard, cpu, memory and video card. I also had to buy new dvd drive, old one had died last summer). That was expensive, even if I choose as cheap computer parts as possible, leaving me with a budget hole unexpectedly when it comes to my transport costs of my belonging. I’m now trying to figure out a way to cover the transport costs without any problem. It is going to be a tricky thing to do on my low income, but I think its mostly doable. Any support in that direction is welcomed, along with support to help me survive March without running out money for food (since I really dislike using my savings for food).

I wish my financial situation was better then it currently is. I’ve been trying to make progress and I have made progress, but it is slow, but improvements are being made. Once I’m back in Denmark the financial situation is going to remain a little difficult, but it is going to improve with time and effort on my part to improve it. The thing also is that many websites and youtube channels ask for donations (many also have sponsors) so they can make more content for people to watch. When I write about earthquake swarms, or the latest activity in volcanoes in Iceland, or posting updates every hour or two when an eruption takes place (that is hard work).

Plans in the works

I am looking into that to create a website about technology. That would cover computers (PC), mobile phones, televisions and other thoughts on that matter. Currently I am only looking into it to see if that pays off, or if I should find something else to write about when things are quiet in Iceland. Increasing my range might increase my income (maybe not). Since I am also good with technology of all types and size, since I’ve been doing that for as long as I’ve been working and thinking about earthquakes and volcanoes.

Book writing

I am also going to continue to write books and short stories. Since I just can’t be without it. I’m not sure when next short story comes out on Amazon, but I am working on few stories, both short and long in my head.

Moving back to Denmark

I’ll be moving back to Denmark on 14th April. That makes me happy. More details on this later. The Bov geophone station is going to start operation soon after 14th April, not sure on exact dates at the moment.

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  1. how mutch money do you think you have wasted on moveing stop this nonsens

    1. Dear whoever you are. Its none of your business where I life. If you don’t want to support me, fine. That’s no problem. But if you don’t support me or my work I can’t see that you have the right to moan about it like you are doing here.

  2. hi . jon move back to Iceland for work if I remember rightly also give his time to study Iceland volcanoes which we all interested in .

    1. Bárðarbunga is getting quite active now. Not sure what is up. I’m going to put up a new article later. I just need to finish few things first (save earthquakes from geophones from January and February, takes few hours).

      I’m also having internet connection issues at the moment, its not good to write articles when connection problems are happening.

  3. Jon keep up the great work and feel free to bounce Mr “no Sens” his negativity is not needed or appreciated by any of us! Where you live is your choice and none of his business !

  4. Jon, I donate because I understand that when events get interesting that you’ll keep us informed of what you’ve learnt. You may not have academic status but you have passion for this. If you tell me what you learn clearly and openly I’ll keep donating. So please keep learning and sharing. If nothing is happening, why not just blog what you’ve already learnt like what geophone you bought, links to manuals, how to interpret drumplots, what articles you’ve read. I’m buying into you’re interest. If you share what you’re learning then I expect you will keep finding support from your readers.

    1. I’ve tried that back in the day. It doesn’t seems to work. I might write about this on a technical article website about such stuff (I’m working out what to write about and the name of it).

      Here are articles that explains the function of geophones and how they are made. This is the same ones I am using, frequencies might be different. I’m using 4,5Hz.

      1. Thanks for the articles Jon. I think making a geophone of that design would be a good educational science project in itself

  5. Jon. I 100% agree with what Ian W says, when activity is low help us understand the goings on in Iceland, write some papers on different volcano’s so we can better understand. I for one struggle understanding drum plots and would love to have more insite as to how to read them told in laymans terms.

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