Dealing with a computer failure

It appears that my main computer that I use to write articles has a motherboard and cpu that are failing. This started few days ago and is only getting worse as the time passes. There is nothing I can do to stop this failure. I have ordered new motherboard, cpu and memory in a package deal (33.950 ISK / 237,78€). I had to use little of my savings in order to get new hardware, so that I can continue to write here. If anyone want to support me in covering the cost of this they can do so with donations.

The failure that is now happening is due to the fact the computer is almost five years old and it’s most likely that capacitors on the motherboard are failing due to old age. If the failure becomes a permanent one I won’t be properly update this website until I get new hardware. I hope to get new hardware by Friday, but it might get delayed until Monday at latest.

Thanks for understanding.


Turns out the video card might be the reason for this issue. Due to some type of voltage problems in it that is creating this freezing problem. This issue seems to have damaged the motherboard. It works, but just barley.

Update 2

New motherboard (computer) is now up and running. Update is going to be written soon I hope.