Update 3 on Tjörnes Fracture Zone earthquake swarm

Today (21-January-2016) the earthquake swarm on Tjörnes Fracture Zone continued after a little stop. This time it was the earthquake swarm on the south end (next to Kópasker village) that started to increase. The change happened around 02:30 UTC this morning and in the beginning a magnitude 3,1 and 3,6 earthquake took place. Total of three earthquakes took place with magnitude 3,0 or larger. The earthquake swarm was most active until around 06:00 UTC when it started to slow down. The earthquake swarm continues at this moment, but it appears to be slowing down. The largest earthquake was felt in Kópasker.

The earthquake swarm on the south end of Tjörnes Fracture Zone. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Earthquake swarms in this area of TFZ are common and often there are several taking place over the year. I expect this earthquake swarm to continue for next few days. The risk of more magnitude 3,0 or stronger remains high. It is also a question if this activity starts earthquake swarm on nearby faults on TFZ. This activity is not connected to any volcano, this only tectonic earthquakes due to stress related changes (continental drift) in the area.

If any new development happens. I’m going to update this article.


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14 Replies to “Update 3 on Tjörnes Fracture Zone earthquake swarm”

  1. I see an event on the Heklubyggð, Iceland webicorder that seems to run from 23:10 to 23:50 is that anything of note?

  2. I just noticed its 8 in Reykjavik and its only 5 here!! there is something wrong with this picture, lol, we have 100% humidity 4 mm of rain in the last 8 hours and its still raining! this keeps up I may need plans for an Ark.

      1. Think Iceland is rubbing off on us out here. They just had a 7.1 up north of us in Alaska. Total of 89 quakes in the last 24 hours all 2.5 or higher. The USGS site I watch won’t show quakes under 2.5!

      2. Jack, if you go to the USGS earthquake map and change your settings to “show all magnitudes for the last 24 hours” it should show down to 1.5 magnitude but only in the US. At least that’s what worked for me just now.

  3. There seems to be a lot of quake activity at Dreki is this part of the swarm to do with events linked to Bardarbunga or a separate swarm from another origin ? I guess I am wondering if this is part of the same event that is part of Bardys restlessness or is this something that could be the start of some other event.

      1. So these are part of Bardy’s or Askja ? :
        Wednesday 27.01.2016 02:01:05 65.148 -16.257 3.5 km 1.6 55.34 5.0 km SSW of Herðubreiðarlindir
        Wednesday 27.01.2016 01:37:26 65.219 -16.253 5.6 km 0.8 90.01 3.2 km NNW of Herðubreiðarlindir

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