Happy new year 2016

I wish my readers a happy new year 2016. I hope that the coming year is better then 2015.

It is possible to watch the fireworks in Reykjavík on Rúv 2 channel here (on-line). If it does not work there are always Míla web-cameras that can be viewed here.

11 Replies to “Happy new year 2016”

  1. There’s already a number of fireworks on the Mila cams and at the time of writing this comment, you’ve still got about 35 minutes til midnight 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. I was about to watch them when my Daughter called, then my youngest grandson woke up ( his parents left him here while they went to Star Wars ) so Grampa to the rescue and suddenly it was 2 hours later lol. Happy New Year to all !!

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