Weather warning for Iceland Monday-07 and 08-Tuesday December-2015

Weather warning for Iceland on 07 and 08 December-2015.

If you are a tourist and if you know a tourist in Iceland at the moment. Please follow the following advice given by the Iceland Met Office.

After 15:00 UTC it is advised against all travel tomorrow, even in emergency. If you have an emergency during the storm contact 112 for advice and help. Problems with power and communication problems can and should be expected tomorrow during the duration of the storm.

I’m expecting both of my geophone to stop working at some time during this storm, due to power loss, loss of 3G signal or WiMax signal (Heklubyggð) or some other issues that might appear during this storm. Nothing can be done about this and I just hope for the best during this weather.

Wind forecast for tomorrow at 22:00 UTC. This is highly dangerous weather.

Please read the following news in English about the coming weather in Iceland on Monday.

Hurricane-force winds tomorrow (Rú
Violent storm with total white out to hit Iceland on Monday (
Hurricane force winds predicted for tomorrow (

Please check Iceland Met Office website and Facebook page for more details about this weather.

Update 1

The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police in association with the District Commissioners in Iceland declares an uncertainty phase due to weather forecast from the meteorological office of a violent storm with hurrican force winds in all areas of Iceland
Travel advisory for all areas is in effect. Travellers are advised to avoid travelling in the South of Iceland from 1200 and in other areas from 1700. Uncertainty phase/level is characterized by an event which has already started and could lead to a threat to people, communities or the environment. At this stage the collaboration and coordination between the Civil Protection Authorities and stakeholders begins. Monitoring, assessment, research and evaluation of the situation is increased. The event is defined and a hazard assessment is conducted regularly..

(Almannavarnir Facebook page)

Update 2

Two of Vegagerðin wind stations that monitor wind did go down.

This is under Eyjafjöllum. Copyright of this image belongs to Vegagerðin in Iceland.

South of Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Vegagerðin in Iceland.

Article updated at 17:48 UTC.
Article updated at 11:18 UTC on 07-December-2015
Article updated at 06:17 UTC on 08-December-2015

31 Replies to “Weather warning for Iceland Monday-07 and 08-Tuesday December-2015”

  1. Those are some insane winds and a strongly-worded warning from your national government. I’m assuming Icelanders aren’t a dense as Americans about listening to weather warnings. Stay safe!

  2. Stay safe Jon, here in Scotland it’s been hell with flooding, and it’s not over yet. There is a lot more rain to come. Make sure you have everything you need to get you through this terrible time.

    1. Yes stay safe Iceland! I’m in Scotland too, there’s a corridor of storms heading our way as they’re direct by the jet stream which seem fixed into a pattern. Super El nino this year!

  3. I’m going to stay indoors after 15:00 UTC. The weather forecast doesn’t look better, it appears to be looking worse as the storm gets closer to Iceland.

  4. West coast of British Columbia Canada also got smacked by weather. Got lucky our power was only off for 5 hours. It was only a few blocks around us after a tree took out the lines. Also got lucky as my son in law had just finished a batch of potatoe curry soup! Spicy but hit the spot while waiting for the lights to come back. Hoping you stay warm and dry inside through this nasty weather that seems to be hitting the northern hemisphere.

  5. Just wow! 🙁
    60,5 m/s in Hvammur undir Eyjafjöllum! That are 218 km/h (135 mp/h)!
    The storm itself was a “normal” one Bft 11-12, but the winddirection (from the east) was special. Because of the orography, the mountains behind, the wind was squeezed between them and resulted in windspeeds of Category IV Hurricane (131-155 mph).

    Jón, please tell me the difference between
    – Hvammur
    – Hvammi
    – Hvamm
    I found all those names for the mentioned location. has >250 hits for Hvammur. o)

    Best, Gizmo

  6. Windgusts of 200km/h, that’s pretty rough. And then abrubtly calming down in a matter of minutes, but I guess that is normal for Iceland.

    1. Yes, both Iceland Met Office and Vegagerðin (they maintain the roads in Iceland) lost their wind measuring equipment. The wind did do a lot of damage.

    2. I think the connection to Jon’s server is lost or the comments section isn’t updated, I tried several times to reply.

    3. Up again, just wanted to say that Siglufjv Herkonugil station in the North had some nasty blusters as well.

  7. Strongest wind was 52m/s and strongest wind gust was 73,6m/s. There was considerable damage in this storm in south Iceland and west Iceland. I don’t know about other areas of Iceland at the moment.

  8. I hope there was no loss of life during the storm in Iceland.
    As for you guys in Scotland & Northern England, people in Somerset do realise what those affected are going through, the county just under 2 years ago had severe flooding (up to 12 feet deep in places).
    Places like Boscastle, Lynmouth in Devon & Cornwall all had previous bad flooding on rainfall of less than the 13.5 inches that some parts had at the weekend.
    For those that don’t know 73.6 m/s is around 164 mph & 52 m/s is about 116 mph.

    1. The Cairngorm plateau (at ca. 900m) in Scotland is notoriously windy and its highest officially recorded windspeed is 176 mph = 78.68 m/s. On Dec. 19th 2009 there was – anecdotall,y from someone who saw the print out of the anemometer – a gust of 194 mph = 86.73 m/s.

      Unlike where the recent gargantuan windspeeds were recorded in Iceland, no one lives on the Cairngorm plateau! Anyone know the highest windspeed recorded in Iceland?

  9. A 3.2 in the north of the island. Could this be due to a Geothermal energy plant ?

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