Two earthquakes larger then magnitude 3,0 close to Jan Mayen

Today (1-September-2015) two earthquakes happened close to Jan Mayen (around 360 km away from Iceland). Those earthquakes are possibly part of larger swarm in the area, but due to distance from Iceland Met Office seismic network it is difficult to know for sure. I didn’t find any information about those earthquakes in the NORSAR seismic array information system.

Earthquake location are where the green stars are on the map. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Those earthquakes had the magnitude of 3,3 and 3,5. Depth is uncertain due to the distance from SIL network. Smaller earthquakes from this swarm are not detected by the NORSAR (Norway) or the SIL network (Iceland) due to distance from seismometers at both locations. There is no populated area close to the source of this area (closer then 100 km).

Update on the missing person case

Body of the person that was found two weeks ago in east Iceland has been identified. More information can be found here.

4 Replies to “Two earthquakes larger then magnitude 3,0 close to Jan Mayen”

    1. Looks like its on those Icelandic sprungurs (cracks). That area might be on the Langjokull fissure. There has been some strange areas of activity this year that’s for sure.

    2. Nothing but fissures far as I know. Eiríksjökull is close to Herðubreið (volcano cone) that erupted under glacier. Unlike Herðubreið it has a small glacier on top of it. It’s visible from my location at Hvammstangi.

      The current fissures that are creating earthquakes at the moment are connected to Snæfellsnes peninsula and West Seismic Zone (WSZ) that stretches from Boragarnes and up to Westfjörd Patreksfjöður/Táknafjörður, it crosses the volcano zone on Snæfellsjökull peninsula. It’s all bit complex and unclear how things works in this area.

  1. Also curious what you make of the wee swarm to the north of Mýrdalsjökull? A good few quakes, all very small, most extremely shallow. IMO have obviously been working on them since they’re all 99% quality.

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