Incorrect configuration in regular donation Paypal button

I did notice that older code that I had been using for regular donations into my Danish Paypal account was not correctly set-up. It was suppose to expire after 12 months, due to my mistake it was set to never. I’ve updated the code into correct settings, there are only two persons using the wrong settings to support my work with regular donations. They can cancel at any time if they want to, however I’m going to cancel their automatic donations after 12 months as it was supposed to work. All Paypal donations buttons are now set to my Danish Paypal account. I am sorry for this mistake, it was not suppose to happen, it just did.


Since I can’t get Denmark (Official website here) out of my system along with living in Padborg. I have simply invalidated my older decision. I am currently not sure when I’m going to move back to Denmark and Padborg, it is going to happen one day, sooner rather than later.

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  1. I wonder with earthquakes going on if an eruption shall occur sooner rather than later with the spreading of the plates at the rate they are at the moment.

  2. Mike, I might be wrong but has there been eruptions at other volcanoes alongside the bardabunga fissure?. For example askja and torfajokull after one of these rifting episodes. There does seem to be a lot if stress on the island atm

    1. I think Askja is its own separate system. But Herdebruid, Kistufell, Torfajokull, Veidivotn are on the Bardabunga fissure.

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