Quiet week 32 in Iceland

It has been a quiet week 32 in Iceland. With only minimal earthquake activity taking place in the usual places, with just minor earthquakes taking place and no earthquakes with magnitude 3,0 or larger happening.

Normal background earthquake activity in Iceland. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

This lack of activity in Iceland is normal, this quiet time might also continue for several weeks, it rarely last that long in Iceland. The areas most likely to start earthquake swarm activity are TFZ and Reykjanes and Reykjanes ridge. Other areas appear quiet at the moment.

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Other things: I feel like my life is a complete mess after moving back to Iceland from Denmark. Since I don’t really fit in Iceland (at least the country side of Iceland). I plan on moving to Reykjavík capital area in few years time (waiting list for social apartment in Reykjavík area [Reykjavík, Kópavogur, Hafnarfjöður] is at least 2 – 4 years), it’s needs a little planning and my debt has to go down a little more until I’m able to do so. If it is possible then I plan on registering for school tomorrow (Monday-10-August). Since I am going to prepare my new youtube gaming channel by learning how to properly edit videos. I also plan on learning more about electronics and mechanics (ship and car engines), along with danish, German, Spanish and more English. If can’t register for school tomorrow, it is going to mean more work for me for two more months (about).

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  1. Hi Jon
    You are such a sweet guy. I appreciate hearing about your life. So sorry things are hard!
    As you’ve mentioned language learning I’ll take the chance of being off topic to recommend the title Fluent Forever by gabriel Wyner. It’s a breakthrough in methodolgy that turns everything about language learning upside down. He says a lit of conventional methods are really inefficient and unnatural. Its a book about HOW to learn. The author taught himsrlf 5 languages between 20 and 30 mostly with spare time on the train. Heaps of free resources on his website. An excellent teacher very clear Take care Jon warmth from Australia

    1. I think that they got the title of that article backwards. It should read, “Iceland Glaciers Melting Because of Volcanic Activity”!

  2. Jon what do you make of the earthquakes going on between Grimsvotn and Oreafjokull?

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