Earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes ridge

On the 01-August-2015 an earthquake swarm took place on the Reykjanes ridge. This earthquake swarm was far off the coast line and populated areas and was only seen on instruments (seismometers). The earthquake swarm appears to be over for now, it might start again without a warning. Due to the distance from the coast it might be ongoing without being detected, since only largest earthquakes are being detected by Iceland Met Office.

The earthquake swarm on the Reykjanes ridge. Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Met Office.

Largest earthquake in this swarm had the magnitude of 3,3. Other earthquakes where smaller in magnitude. There is a good chance there is a volcano at this location, it just isn’t well known. Any eruption at this location would not be seen on the surface of the ocean due to depth (1 – 3 km).

Böðvarshólar geophone: I have restarted the geophone in Böðvarshólar. Since I won’t be moving back to Denmark.
Sauðárkrókur geophone: I’m going to try getting into school at Sauðárkrókur in August due to the sudden plan changes. If I get in, I am going to be running a temporary geophone where I am going to be living during the years that I going to be in school learning electronics and other things (including, Danish, German and Spanish).

My geophone website can be found here.

Other: My plan on moving back to Denmark has been delayed permanently. The reason for that are law changes, both in EU and Denmark that make it difficult for people on social welfare to move there. At least that is my understanding of the current changes. They have also been creating problem currently and along with other tax related issues that I had to deal with. I decided that it was too much problem for me to move back to Denmark. I am just going to watch DR 1 – 3 instead along with television channels from Germany. I am at least now debt free in Denmark, since I have paid up my tax debt in Denmark that originally forced me to move back to Iceland.

Due to the reason that I am going to be permanently living in Iceland. I am now moving PayPal and other such items to Iceland. I won’t close down my danish paypal account (that is a big no-no). Paypal buttons are going to be moved to my Iceland paypal site in next few days when I have time. Direct donations option is also going to be moved to my Icelandic bank account rather than my danish one. I am going to close down my danish bank account and my danish paypal account in few years.