Earthquake activity in Western Fracture Zone (WFZ)

Rare earthquake swarm has been taking place in Western Fracture Zone in Iceland. This fracture zone is between Western Volcanic Zone (WVZ) and Snæfellsnes volcanoes. It is mostly dormant with no earthquake activity at all. When earthquake activity happens it tends to be long and sometimes with earthquakes of magnitude up to 5,0. Earthquakes in this swarm have some been deep, with depth below 20 km (I don’t have exact number, forgot to document it).

Earthquake activity on Western Fracture Zone (WFZ). Copyright of this image belongs to Iceland Meteorological Office.

It is difficult, due to lack of data to know for sure what is going on in this area. I do expect this earthquake swarm to continue for few more days at shortest, longest documented earthquake on WFZ lasted around two months and magnitude 4,0 earthquakes took place.

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3 Replies to “Earthquake activity in Western Fracture Zone (WFZ)”

  1. If you recall when holuhraun was going, I predicted activity in nvz and wvz as a result of massive stresses caused by plate movement that was occurring at bb. I maintain that it will occur In both zones and am convinced Hekla is on the cards quite soon.

    Iceland’s show will continue to provide surprises. The ridge activity is very interesting.

    1. If this was bookface, I would have clicked like on that comment.

      Thanks, Jon, for the update. I had til now overlooked this activity. Great, something new to check up on, while the rest is pretty calm.

  2. I think maybe Katla is next on the cards. 😉

    Iceland is so exciting, there is always someting on the way.

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