Changes to my geophone network next year

I have made the following decision on the future of my geophone network that I am currently running in Iceland. Next year (2016) I am going to do the following changes to it.

  • Böðvarshólar geophone station is going to be closed down in 2016 (late that year). It has been on-line since 2012 (3 years). There are also changes coming to the place where the geophone is hosted, so I don’t think that I can have it anyway longer then until 2017 or 2018 because of that. There already have changes happened creating problems for me, but since I am at the location I have managed to fix it temporary.
  • Heklubyggð geophone station is going to remain on-line for the time being. How long that is going to last I do not know. Since it depends on the owner where the geophone is hosted. I hope it is going to be on-line for few more years. It has been on-line since 2008 (7 years).
  • I have cancelled the setting up of new geophone station in Hvammstangi. I was unable to find good location and the cost of starting it would be high and it would only be on-line for a short period of time.
  • There is going to be a geophone in Hvammstangi for the time I am going to be living there (until 2017 or 2018, maybe shorter time period if I am lucky). That geophone is the one I have at home.

Cost of running a 3G internet connection has also been going up in the past few years in Iceland and I am expecting that to continue. Along with the difficulty that I have to deal with problems if a geophone station fails for any reasons, that being a software or hardware. It was also clear from the start when I started this project that I would not be able to continue it forever. I simply do not have the resources to do so or the time. The direction of my live has also been changing in past few years and I found my place in Denmark (this is Padborg) and I plan on living there for good once I move to Denmark in the year 2017 or 2018 (hopefully sooner). I made the decision on moving to Denmark in the year 2007. I was not sure in the beginning where to stay for good, that issue has now been resolved.

I won’t stop recording earthquakes even if I move to Denmark. It is just going to be different since Denmark doesn’t have a lot of earthquakes (1 – 3 earthquakes a year during a busy year). I plan on focusing on detecting distant earthquakes around the world in Denmark. I plan on buying Volksmeter one day (two channel costs $2000 / 1.841,83€) to record distant earthquakes in Denmark.

Permanently closed down websites

Please note that I have closed down the following websites permanently.

Europe geology

Canary Island geology

Falkland Island geology

The websites are going to stay up for some time until I delete them. I don’t plan on bringing them back since there was never high traffic on this websites even if something was going on in the areas they covered (Europe, Canary Islands and Falkland Islands).

Possibility of a new website

I am currently considering opening up a new website covering large earthquakes around world. I haven’t made up my mind yet. If I open up that website it is going to be on its own domain and not a sub-website of as this website currently is. I don’t know what the interest level is for a such website is yet. There are many websites that cover large earthquakes already on the internet. This website would be English only if I start it.