Updates to PayPal buttons and new geophone

I don’t want to add long none-volcanic articles to this website. I did not want to do so due to length and the subject in question, so I did write it on my website called “Jón Frímann bloggar” and it can be found here. Please read it if you can.

New geophone going to be added

I plan on adding a new geophone to Hvammstangi soon. I don’t have exact date yet. This just using current hardware that I have to set-up this new station. I did get a computer to do this. It is just missing the hard drive and needs more ram and some version of Windows (maybe Win 8.1). I am looking into that cost, but at the moment I can’t afford it. This means that while I am going to be living in Hvammstangi there are going to be two geophones active in that area, once I get the other one up and running, allowing for higher resolution of any earthquakes that might take place in nearby area. I always have a geophone with me where I live to record earthquakes. Updates to webicorders website are going to uploaded soon, once I have finished working and updating it.

PayPal buttons and donations

Please remember to support my work with donations or by buying from Amazon if you can. If you can’t, don’t worry about it. I know that not all of the people who read this website can afford supporting my work and that is good too. I have now updated the donations button to my Danish Paypal account, the text once the button is clicked should be in English. If people want to donate more then 500€ please do so directly with your bank, since PayPal might not allow that high amount go trough my account at present time, since my Danish PayPal account is new and lacks one verification at current time. Information on how to donate directly with your bank information can be found here. Thanks for the support.

Article updated at 03:33 UTC on 12-April-2015.