Risk of landslide forces the closure of popular viewing place in Skagafjörður

Due to risk of landslide a viewing area in northern Skagafjörður has been closed. Tip of a cliff in the area is about to break off at any time and without warning and there appears to be considerable area getting ready to go forward into the coast line below. Please see attached news for pictures.

Útsýnisstað lokað vegna öryggisástæðna (Vísir.is, Pictures)
Hættulegar sprungur í Ketubjörgum (Skagafjörður.is, images)
Lokuðu vinsælum útsýnisstað í Skagafirði (Rúv.is, Images)

6 Replies to “Risk of landslide forces the closure of popular viewing place in Skagafjörður”

  1. Jon, is there a swam happening at the eruption site.
    has it started again!

  2. There is no eruption at the moment in Iceland.

    But there is still this 45 km long dyke up to 15 km deep under the Holuhraun eruption site. I think there are some possibilities exlaining the actual swarm there:
    1) the dyke is cooling and contracting; 2) new magma is entering by way of a) Bárðarbunga b) a regional dyke under the area or c)both.

    What I find most interesting at the moment is the activity within the southern part of Vatnajökull: the swarm taking place under Öræfajökull (see GVP: http://www.volcano.si.edu/volcano.cfm?vn=374010 ) and also activity around station HUS which had calmed down considerably and is taking up pace again.

  3. Gone to a power-nap after lunch. While falling asleep, I thought about eq-activity in the region where the BB dyke moved 90° left, entering the rift crack six months ago. Two ours later it’s there!!! O_o
    And that’s not the only region with a “swarm” today …..

  4. Wow! What does all the activity mean? Smallish quakes all over in a swarm! The area around B and the dike, and all along Iceland’s ridge/fracture zones seem involved. Has there been any GPS movement that went along with the swarm?

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