Transfer to a new faster server

Please note that a transfer to a new and faster server is going to take place soon. I am working out few details on that transfer before it happens. The transfer is going to take up to 48 hours along with DNS update that is going to take up to 24 hours to be active for everyone on the internet. Please note that if a comment vanishes during this time frame it was due to the transfer or DNS update.

I apologies for this inconvenience. There is however no way for me to avoid this since the traffic to this site had outgrown my current hosting ability that I am buying.

5 Replies to “Transfer to a new faster server”

      1. Hi Jon,
        it works now from Germany too (new IP is, right?) … but some post are gone.
        See my comment in the “Happy new Year 2015” article … at that place there were two more posts between “mafl” and “Conny” on the old server.

      2. Yes, I did notice that and I did managed to save those comments. They are now in the newest article.

        I am sorry this happened, but it was always a risk this would happen during transfer to the new server.

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