Happy new year 2015

I wish everyone a happy new year 2015. I hope that the new year is going to be good.

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  1. Best Wishes for the New Year, Jon and for all followers of this blog-
    The best firework has Baugur 🙂

  2. From the Mojave Desert in S. California, the best wishes for happy and prosperous Ney Year. Cheers!!
    Gary Meyers

  3. Happy New Year to all from Boston Massachusetts
    Thanks for all of your work, Jon and for all of the input from everyone else here.
    I have learned so much. This is my first volcano watch …ever!

  4. Happy New Year from Somerset, let’s hope there is more peace in the world in 2015.

  5. Happy And Prosperous New Year to you Jon and everyone on this site… As much as the volcanic events have been worrisome, without them we would never have met… so as my Mother would say, It’s an ill wind that blows nobody some good!
    Cheers from Canada

    Thank you Jon for all your work. All the best to you and all of the folks that are part of this great site.
    From Vancouver Canada

  7. Happy New Year to you all – thank you for all the wishes and for your work, Jon! A wonderful and peaceful 2015 – Conny from Region of Hannover, Germany 🙂

    1. Hi Connie, welcome to the Lower Saxony gang!

      BTW: It looks as if some post are lost when moving to the new server.

      1. Yes, Conny asked from where I am and my answer was:
        I live at the middle of Hannover.
        I don’t know if Conny has answered again…

        Hi, Enno, thanks for your pictures of the eruption on your site 🙂

      2. Hi – I was busy, sorry 🙂 I just answered one time and asked Mafl, where exactly he is living. Thanks Enno for your welcome!

      3. Would be nice to hear where in the Region you live, Conny?
        We have someone in the east and someone in the west (and in the middle).

    2. Maybe we shouldnt wait for someone of south of Hannover 🙂 Thats a joke, Enno – maybe we should meet at Pinocchio in Elze-Bennemühlen – its also good to reach be S-Bahn! 🙂 Here is my facebook-page (in case this Happy-New-Year-greetings will not work very long….) But please give a short idea who you are if you contact me!


      1. I have no facebook and can’t go on your profile.
        But here is my special E-Mail-Adress:

  8. Happy New Year to one and all, Lets hope that 2015 brings something special too us all.

  9. A happy new year to all, but make no mistake, the IMO need to stop slacking now and start back-filling the large quantity of 3+ quakes that they have failed to report these past two days.

  10. And probably last, but not least, happy new year to all of you from the north shore of Kauai. (I think we are the last, at least geographically, to welcome in 2015!)

  11. Happy New Year from Warsaw, Poland, Jon! This is a great blog, much fun! Keep up the brilliant work. All the good luck for 2015!!!

  12. Well wishes for the new year! Many thanks to you, Jon, for providing with this very useful and interesting blog. But also a big thank you to everybody who are commenting.

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