Earthquake swarm north of Geysir continues

Earthquake swarm north of Geysir volcano (this is a minor volcano) continues, with breaks. Largest earthquake in last few days had the magnitude of 3,2 and was felt on nearby farms.

Earthquake activity north of Geysir volcano in the last 48 hours. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

New earthquake swarms more west than current one have also been appearing, so far the earthquake activity has not lasted more than few hours before stopping again. Earthquake activity is common in this area, larger earthquake swarms do happen in this area every few years.

Bárðarbunga volcano update 27-December-2014

Bárðarbunga volcano continues to erupt in Holuhraun as before. The eruption is around the same phase as before. There was some change detected at the eruption vent in Holuhraun, it is remains unclear at the moment what change is.

The earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano for the past 48 hours. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Earthquake activity has dropped for the past few days, with few earthquakes that have been reaching magnitude 3,0 and above. Largest earthquake in the past few days has had the magnitude of 5,0. It is unclear why this is happening at the moment, earthquake activity might pick up again, it also might increase again. There is also a change that end of the eruption in Holuhraun is getting close, at least the phase that is connected to earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano.

Continued earthquake activity in Tungafellsjökull volcano

Earthquake activity continues in Tungafellsjökull volcano. So far the earthquakes that are happening are smaller ones, with rare magnitude 3,0 or larger earthquake taking place every once in a while. At the moment the earthquake activity in Tungafellsjökull volcano is increasing and it is bit unclear why that is. The risk of eruption in Tungafellsjökull volcano appears to remains, even if that would just be a minor eruption. If an eruption takes place in Tungafellsjökull volcano, it would be the first documented eruption in the past 12,000 years to take place (at least).

New years update schedule

Next article about Bárðarbunga volcano eruption are going to be on the following days.


After that I am going to return to normal schedule on reporting on Bárðarbunga volcano eruption.