Minor earthquake swarm north of Geysir

For the past few days there has been a minor earthquake swarm north of Geysir (a minor volcano in this area). The earthquake swarm has not been inside the volcano, it has been just outside it. The earthquakes have all been tectonic in nature so far.

Minor earthquake swarm north of Geysir. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

All of the earthquakes that have taken place are minor in magnitude. With the largest only having magnitude 2,5. Others earthquakes being smaller in magnitude. So far only 25 earthquakes have taken place. The earthquake swarm seems to be ongoing, it however has slowed down in last few hours and it might end soon.

26 Replies to “Minor earthquake swarm north of Geysir”

  1. Jon, do you think this activity will revitalise the Geyser hydrothermal area, perhaps even kicking Geyser back into life. I visited the area in October this year and it seemed less active than when I was there in 2006.

  2. Could this earthquake activity near Langjokull possibly be the site of a future eruption?

    1. Merry Christmas to everyone!

      The earthquakes appear to be moving.
      No, no x-mas-dyke. Because all is tectonic!! 😉

  3. This swarm has now been on and off for a few days, but what is causing it to happen just here? I mean, how is Geysir connected to the volcanic system in the area? Are swarms like this one common here?

    1. The EQs have also clearly been moving in an east/north direction, and all seem to be rather shallow (2-3 km depth). Is this movement caused by magma forcing its way forward?

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