Bárðarbunga volcano update 28-November-2014

This is going to be a short update.

There has been a lack of reports in the news today of the eruption in Holuhraun today. Web cameras show no major change in the eruption far as I can tell. The lava field is now getting thicker as is clear by this images (text is in Icelandic) where the lava is overflowing from older lava (1 – 3 month old). Far as I know the pulse behaviour continues, I don’t know to what extent it has been, or if it has changed from original observations of it.

The earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano for the past 48 hours. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

Largest earthquake for the past 24 hours had the magnitude of 5,1 and happened in north-east part of the caldera. Where the most of the large earthquakes happen in recent weeks. I am not sure why that is. According to measurements that where taken yesterday the total caldera subsidence is now around 50 meters, there doesn’t seems to be any change taking place in rate of subsidence. At least that has not been covered in the news or reported far as I know. The reason why GPS signal is now longer being received is that the GPS station is now so low that it is out of line of sight for the relay station it uses to forward the signal. This also means IMO is not getting any signal from the seismometer located in the same area as the GPS station. This is according to latest report on activity in Bárðarbunga volcano. Far as I know there is nothing else to report.

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Moving back to Iceland: Next week I move to Iceland. This means that the last update before I move is going to be on Monday 1-December-2014. I don’t think that I have time to write update on Wednesday 3-December-2014. After that the update schedule is a bit of a mystery. Once I have my things from Denmark I am going to start regular updates as I am doing now. I don’t know for sure when I get my stuff, I hope it won’t be no later than 22-December-2014.

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    1. Monday
      01.12.2014 12:52:30 64.600 -17.420 1.1 km 5.2 50.5 6.8 km SE of Bárðarbunga

      1. Nice of Bardarbunga to atleast give the Icelanders a break during the storm.

        Mixed feelings about a new 5+ EQ: It doesn’t feel very polite towards the people of Iceland to be happy about seismic activity picking up in their region again. But, on the other hand… I am, again, quite exited about what’s to come.

  1. Good day all, First post on here but have logged in twice a day to watch the outcomes & comments on the Lava flow & the tremors for a couple of months now. Knowing nothing of the workings of Volcanos I have an interest in Earths Extreme goings on & find comments on here mostly informative, But as someone pointed out, Please keep on subject. It’s getting like Facebook at times. Thanks..

  2. [color=red][b]Monday
    01.12.2014 12:52:30 64.617 -17.428 4.0 km 5.2 99.0 5.4 km ESE of Bárðarbunga[/b][/color]

  3. Monday
    01.12.2014 13:52:29 64.615 -17.449 8.2 km 4.0 99.0 4.7 km SE of Bárðarbunga

    1. Still significant thermal energy entering the system?That part of the ice cap is still quite sound as opposed to the Northern sector?

  4. Monday
    01.12.2014 14:29:20 64.612 -17.483 7.3 km 4.3 99.0 3.8 km SSE of Bárðarbunga

    1. All these EQ’s under the SE rim. That’s different. Now watch for reaction at Holuhraun eruption site.

      1. Sadly, they seem to have zoomed out the close-up view of Baugur. I’d rather have a bit of shaky fountains now that it’s relativle calm, windwise

  5. Lots of earthquakes back at BB after a relatively quiet spell. If the usual pattern follows then the rising magma, as indicated by earthquakes, will exit in the flank eruption at Holuhraun, where we should see an uptick in lava activity. It looked pretty quiet earlier but there may be a surge upstream in the pipeline, so to speak.

    Meanwhile, I am amazed that BB has not yet broken the cork, so to speak, but I guess if the physics favours effusion via Holuhraun, then that is what we shall see. All in all a very impressive eruption.

    1. This is a geothermal event in the caldera,just like what occurs at other calderas around the world,in my opinion.People seem to be expecting some major basalt eruption in the caldera,that would of happened by now and would not have been proceeded by so much earthquake activity?If the magma in caldera was draining the earthquake activity would not be so uniform and continuous?

      1. Just like what happens in other calderas in the world. No no not at all. Completely wrong. This isnt subduction. A rift with a hot spot and 3 tectonic playes makes this unique.

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