Eruption has started on the fissure swarm

Eruption has started in the dyke area. The eruption appears clearly on Míla web camera. It can be viewed here.

More details later.

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  1. What you think, going up?
    Friday 11:14:59, depth 6.8km, M4.8, quality 99.0, 4.9km NE of Bárðarbunga.

    And second allmost same place.

    Friday 16:27:44, depth 4.9km, M4.1, quality 99.0, 4.5 km NE of Bárðarbunga.

  2. Just wonder, could this dyke be spreading SW from Bárðarbunga? And how difficult would it be to monitor its progress underneath the glacier

  3. I wonder if the swarm of larger quakes in the caldera rim might be a precursor for collapse.

  4. @unmentionable…seems we had a misunderstanding. Yes earlier in the week there were 4 & 5 mag in the fissure. But my question was specifically about the quakes from earlier this morning and what those might mean in the equation. Sorry we seemed to be talking about 2 separate time frames.

    1. This is absolutely fascinating! Clearly many of the larger/largest quakes are taking place directly under Bardarbunga. Keep posting things like this. The science nerd in me in giggling with glee….but the reasonable part of me is deeply concerned.

  5. about 20 minutes ago I was seeing the same scene as this morning – just a bit harder to see the same thing

  6. Jon:

    What do you think of the low frequency component of the Jok tremor plot ? it seems quite high relative to the other components (although the total energy is lower that further north). I’m wondering if the low frequency component (red) is just less attenuated the the higher frequencies, and consequently picking up the northern events better ? Or is something going on down near Jok?

    1. Low frequency (0.5 – 1Hz) appears normal. Higher frequency (1 – 4Hz) looks interesting. I would say there is nothing to worry about on jok SIL station.

  7. BTW, I had to go thru about 10 CAPTHA’s to find one that didn’t appear to be written by someone on Acid. I know, when I look back at all my journal writings when I was on acid, shrooms, pot and PCP, they look just like these CAPTHA’S !! lol

    I’ve been reading back thru the history of IMO updates. The latest one has at the top of their list of possible outcomes, that states that the magma just stops intruding and there are no more quakes and it just stops with no eruption as this happens a lot with Dyke intrusions. The question I am asking is, isn’t this a lot of magma and quakes and tremors to just stop in it’s tracks and cool off? The other 2 scenarios seem more likely where there is an eruption. Well, I have my own scenario. There are a series of small to medium fissure eruptions over a period of months and then things seem to calm down. Then sometime in the next 2 years or sooner, there is a very large tectonic event in Iceland. Then months after that we get some very large volcanic events that dwarf 1783 and 1875. How can I make such an assertion. I know things about pigeons.

    1. If you register you don’t have to deal with Captha puzzles. I have to have it complex. If I don’t, the spam bots would overrun the comment section.

  8. Hello All,

    Anyone know the possible outcomes or more information about the two volcanoes Askja and Baroarbunga joined by the dyke, and also the increased activity of earthquakes in both?


    1. The dyke would start an eruption in Askja volcano. It might start an eruption in the dyke (a fissure eruption would start), it is unlikely it would start an eruption in Bárðarbunga. At least this is the idea at the moment.

  9. Just watching the Bardarbunga2 webcam it looks like steam.
    Does anyone else think so.

  10. G’morn all from the Outer Hebrides 🙂 Managed to catch sight of the even longer fissure, all aglow and steaming like mad. However, dust devils whipped up, eventually obscuring visibility on the B2 Mila webcam, then it timed out. Glad as I was getting dizzy, but I want to see what’s going on! High winds aren’t helping either, though even when the ‘flames’ were obscured, steam could still be seen rising really high. Also wanted to say that I think the same as what Diedre said on 29th August. I to am fascinated by the Earth’s activity, but also a wee bit anxious. Can still watch the earthquake happenings over on 3dBulge – there’s been a lot!

    1. Hmmm, excuse typos, missing comma above. Wanted to say that over on 3dBulge, they’ve been working on an incredible ‘visualization’ image. It shows the immense amount of ‘quake activity. It’s also fun to manoeuvre around it – something I think the kids would love – including the child in some of us 🙂

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