Magnitude 3,3 earthquake in Kverkfjöll volcano

A minor earthquake swarm took place in Kverkfjöll volcano today (17-August-2014). This earthquake swarm might have been triggered by the earthquake activity in Bárðarbunga volcano that is next to it, that is however not confirmed and can be considered a speculation. Since connections between volcanoes is difficult to prove. The earthquake had the magnitude of 3,3 and depth of 9,5 km. This earthquake was felt by summer tourists in the area of Kverkfjöll volcano.

The green star in the Kverkfjöll volcano system shows the location of the earthquake. Kverkfjöll volcano are located were the “W” shape of the Vatnajökull glacier appears. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.

No other activity has been detected from Kverkfjöll volcano today and that volcano appears to be quiet, even if it has a noise neighbour at the moment. I am not expecting more activity in Kverkfjöll volcano, but it cannot be ruled out at this moment.

Update at 23:27 UTC.

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    1. You can try Grímsfjall volcano web-camera. Other there are I think no other web-cameras in the area for the public in this area, since it is remote and nobody lives there.

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