Donations needed for August

Please remember to support my work with donations. I currently don’t have enough income from social welfare in Iceland to pay for food and other things after I have paid all my bills. This has been a issue for me now for almost a year and while I am living in Denmark it is not going to change, at least while I am living on social welfare from Iceland.

What is also a issue when it comes to Iceland is the endless change in the exchange rate of Icelandic Krona (ISK) against Danish Krone (DKK). When I move back to Iceland in December 2014 (as explained here) this issue is going to be over for me. I do plan on living in Denmark, in the Padborg area where I am now. But only after I have secured my income in euro with my e-book sale. I hope that won’t take more than 5 years (counting from 2015), but it might take me up to 10 years to secure my income that way.

Thanks for the support and understanding.

For those how want to buy my e-book can now do so on Amazon and Kobo (Kobo link here).

Amazon U.S.

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

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  1. Maybe an idea to publish a few pages of your ebook for free as pdf to get people interested in the story.
    Always a chance that someone wants to read the rest and thus buys the complete ebook.
    Good luck!

  2. Advice: Amazon US, UK and DE in your article should be links for easy access and on Kobo you first have to register in order to preview (don’t know if that is also required for Amazon)

  3. I was glad you posted these links. I wanted to help and buy the story. Writing is really hard work. Please don´t take this the wrong way. You want to charge nearly 6 € for around 9 pages! That is a whole lot for one story. I´ve read the half page sample and I have to say, please get an editor, a beta reader or at least use the spell check. There are an awfull lot error in the small sample. I can´t say much about the story building because of the short sample. But the price and the errors let me refain from buying this story. As I said I hope you won´t take this the wrong way, I only wanted to help.

    1. There are no spelling errors in the story. I checked and then I re-checked again. Also Amazon Kindle website tells me if there are any spelling errors in the script. As for grammar and usage of that I do my best, but English grammar is not uniform and is different depending on region of the world.

      So please do not claim something about my stories that is not true. Since I know what I wrote and I am building a procedure on how to work with the story so they are spelling error free and good to read. As for getting a editor. I can’t afford such luxury at the moment (people time does cost money). I hope to get one in the future, but it is going to be a while.

      I charge 4,99€ for my small stories (on Amazon this is however done by currency conversation from the U.S price of $6,99) . I guess you pay 19% VAT in Germany on e-books.

      There is no point for me to sell it any lower, since I only get around 30 to 70% of the sale price. I also refuse to take part in raising to the bottom of price when it comes to selling my e-books. I find it crazy that some people are just asking for 0,30€ and up to 0,99€ for a whole e-book. This makes no economical sense at all.

      I will stand my ground on this. Even if the whole thing is going to take a little longer in return (in terms of sale of my e-books).

      1. Okay, as I said I didn´t want to anger you. I thought about not answering, but I as I just wanted to help. A short example on what I meant:
        He was 22 years old and the future as a electrician was bright. It was the year 1955 and he was starting his job a electrician in a small company that made radios for the commercial market in Western Germany, France, united kingdom and hopefully more European countries in the next few years as the company would grow with time.

        a electrician is wrong => an electrician (this is something the spell check shows you) and on the second occasion there is missing an “as” => his job as an electrician
        The second sentence has more than enough information for three or for sentences. You say you are in the year 1955 only to jump years in the future in the next. So there are points which need work.

        Yes an editor can cost money but there are also ways to get help for free. There are a lot of writing comunities where you can get involved and find people who like to help.

        I understand that you don´t want to sell a whole book for 0,99 or less….but you don´t have a book, you have 9 pages, that is a short story. And eventhough as I don´t like cheap prices for books aswell, I think your price is to high for a short story.

        Writing is a hard work I know that for myself, as I walso write. it takes up a lot of time and only few people aknowledge what it takes to write a story. Most of the time it is a lousy paid work.

        I would offer to help to edit your stories, but since english is not my mother tongue I also not so firm with every aspects of the english gramma either and can´t guarantee that I would be able to correct everything. But just story building wise I can offer you to help, if you want.

        Sorry about the long comment, please don´t take this wrong way.

        Best regards Haga

      2. You didn’t buy the story (I have not had any buyers in Germany), so the free sample only shows you random parts of the story. So you are not getting the clear picture of the story line from this small sample that Amazon shows you.

        As for the story. It only needed 9 pages (about). People also like to read shorter stories on electronic devices rather than long stories. I don’t know why that is.

      3. Yes, I didn´t buy the book. That is what I wrote above and I explained why. I am not critizing the length of the story. The length of a story doesn´t reflect the quality. I critizied the price. I read the sample pages and see above mentioned errors and rushed sentences, then I see the price. These both factors let me decide not to buy the story. I may stand alone with my opinion, but that how it is.
        I agree that it is not economic to sell a whole book for 0,99 € but on the other hand why should I pay 4,99 € for nine pages of an starting out author, with an unedited sample of the story. When I can get around 500 pages from a well known author for around 12 € ?

        As I said, try to get the story edited. Maybe make a short story collection with 5 or more stories and sell them for 4,99 €. Put some more thought in your book description, one sentence is not really inviting.

        Or you can just think I am a stupid german girl who doesn´t know what she speaks about.
        My offer concerning the help to edit still stands.

        Thank you for taking the time to read this.

        best regards

      4. I’ve never been sure on the “a” and “an” rules in English. Those are just minor errors in the text that are going to be corrected in later editions of it. This is not a spelling error, this is a grammar error, a common one at that (I always forget those exceptions to to the rules,

        While I thank you for this comment on this error it does not change the fact that you claim that I am.

        1: Bad writer.
        2: I am too expensive in your view.
        3: You want to come to my aid with editing? Why? I never trust those things over the internet due to lack of creditability and the ability of people pretending to be anything on the internet.
        4: The story had spelling errors. While the first edition did have spelling errors. I corrected them on 31. July-2014 and uploaded a new version of the scrip that same day to Kobo and alerted anyone that might have bought me book on this and urged to get the new version.

        I got my bills to pay and what I get is in the range of 1,30€ and maybe up to 2,50€ from Amazon on each sale (I get 70% before taxes in certain price range at Amazon and Kobo).

        Price of an e-book is also too low in my view. I do have price guide in place and I keep in line with Amazon and Kobo price guidance in order to get the highest royalties.

        This question about e-book price has been asked and is being asked today. As you can see here.

        Editors cost money that I do not have. The price range of a editor for a full book is from 700€ and up to 1200€ and maybe more. It just isn’t going to happen soon. At best this is going to happen in five years time if I ever manage to sell more than 1000 items of one my books along with short stories that I make all the time.

        Since you don’t like the paid material that I make. Than maybe you can go with the free stuff that I put on-line. You can send it to Kindle device for free.

        I also don’t like the way you are trying to troll me here. I also don’t like that you are trying to set your self up as an saviour by offering me help by editing my stories. I’ve been on the internet so long that I’ve seen this all before. Your offer on edit help is declined and denied.

        When I get a editor and this is going to happen one day in the future. I am going to make sure that she or he has a Phd in English (or Icelandic), or at least Master degree. They are also going to have sign a NDA agreement (legal stuff).

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