Donations needed for August

Please remember to support my work with donations. I currently don’t have enough income from social welfare in Iceland to pay for food and other things after I have paid all my bills. This has been a issue for me now for almost a year and while I am living in Denmark it is not going to change, at least while I am living on social welfare from Iceland.

What is also a issue when it comes to Iceland is the endless change in the exchange rate of Icelandic Krona (ISK) against Danish Krone (DKK). When I move back to Iceland in December 2014 (as explained here) this issue is going to be over for me. I do plan on living in Denmark, in the Padborg area where I am now. But only after I have secured my income in euro with my e-book sale. I hope that won’t take more than 5 years (counting from 2015), but it might take me up to 10 years to secure my income that way.

Thanks for the support and understanding.

For those how want to buy my e-book can now do so on Amazon and Kobo (Kobo link here).

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