Strong earthquake in South Iceland (SISZ)

Today (9-May-2014) at 23:15 UTC a strong earthquake took place in SISZ. Exact magnitude is not clear at this moment, but the magnitude of 4,0 is wrong in my view based on how this earthquake appeared on my geophone. This earthquake was felt in south Iceland and in the capital area. I am going to post updates on this earthquake once I have the details.

The earthquake can be seen here along with all the aftershocks that are going to take place.

2 Replies to “Strong earthquake in South Iceland (SISZ)”

  1. hello Jon.

    I am just 10km away from epicenter. I felt it quite strongly, only lasted 3 seconds, but it was quite forceful and loud.

    I estimate, solely from empirical experience, that this was a 4.5. Maybe even 4.7.

    My question is: is this 1) a readjustment of the 2000 quakes, or 2) just some accumulated tension since then, that is now released as this event, or 3) foreshocked for a larger event, as local fault has much accumulated stress (I noticed it’s a fault in between both June 2000 events). What is your guess?

    1. This is not a readjustment of the 2000 or 2008 earthquakes. This might be continuation of the earthquake activity that started in the year 2000.

      This might be an pre-earthquake to larger earthquake in this area, but it is too early to know for sure at this moment. At best we are going to know this if an larger earthquake takes place in SISZ soon.

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