Donations needed for May

I need donations to make it in May. Since the bills are higher than I expected and my income remains low, same as it has been since always (being on social welfare [benefits]) is not a fun thing. Donations help me keep this website up and running. Donations also help me to keep monitoring Icelandic volcanoes and earthquake activity in Iceland, this also applies for monitoring for earthquake and volcano activity in Europe on my Europe geology website.

Amazon works in that way when people buy something trough the banners or the web-store I get 5 to 10% of the price of that product. Regardless of what is being bought. My eBooks that I have written can be found here, they are sold with the eBook publisher Kobo Books.

Update: Due to some bill changes at the electronic company I am now going to have major billing issue this month. Since my income from Iceland is not nearly enough to cover all my bills and then to buy food all of May. I got some food in the freezer from last month, but that is only going to last so long. So please donate if you can. Currently I am seeing up on major money issue this month.

1/4 update: The reason why this is that in March I got the idea to buy cable subscription from Yousee (Danish cable tv company). I did enter all the numbers in the calculator and did all the maths to see if I could afford to buy the basic and smallest package from them. It turns out that I was wrong, wrong and more wrong. I got the numbers all wrong and the first bill was way higher than I expected. This is an contract that I have to pay for 6 months so I can not cancel it until end of September-2014. As I fully plan to do. I am also never going to buy a cable subscription again (if its not part of the rent, as is the case in many places in Denmark. Its not the case were I now live). I am just going to use an antenna, since its free to do so and I get what I need on it anyway.

2/4 update: The electronic company was making changes to its bill system. So now I get one higher electric bill then usual. This means more problems for me I think in the terms of not having any money to buy food. This however in returns means that my next bill in June is going to be lower as for other bills until the start of the year 2015. When the first electric bill of that year is going to be higher, since this is some extra charge of 58 DKK (58 * 12 = 696 [close the actual amount that I now pay]) (or about) that they now charge in just one go, instead of being paid each month. All this is creating major problems with my money since I just have minimal income from Iceland and all fluctuation in my bills results in problems for me.

Thanks for the support.

Updated on 01-May-2015 at 13:50 UTC.

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  1. Eruption in Askja? Is there any webcams that works for the area?

    1. No eruption yet. The earthquake swarm is however inside Askja volcano system based on the map. This is clearly something to keep an eye out for. I will write about this earthquake swarm later today.

  2. Dear mr Frimann

    Where are you located? Iceland or Denmark?

    Tace care

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