Hard drive crash

My main hard drive appears to have crashed. I am not sure what happened. But at least my operation system partion is no longer working. I am using Gentoo Linux as my working Os so my data is safe (since my data is on other partion on the hard drive). I have now any reason to believe that my hard drive is dying. The fault is that an sector(s) on it have gone bad. This sector(s) is located by chance on my operating system disk partion. It could have been located on my home partion, if that would have happened I would have lost my data. When the sector fail the hard drive made an click sound (details here) and I lost the partion and everything on it.

This means that I need to get an new hard drive for my main computer. I use my main computer to write on and work out images for this website and more. I found an 1TB hard drive (link here in German) in Flensburg in an computer store there. The price is 65,95€. This however means an bad hole in my budget. But I cannot do any work without my working computer. Any donations to help with this are welcomed.

This also means that I can only write in limited ability about what is happening in Iceland, Europe and the world for the next few days. Since I hope to get the hard drive on Friday. But it takes me up to 3 to 5 days to install Gentoo Linux on my computer again. I use Gentoo Linux at least until I figure out if there is an *BSD version out there that works for Desktop as intended (I have tested PC-BSD and its not for me at the moment).