Donations needed for month of February-2014

I have now run out of money. It is no surprise since being on social welfare from Iceland does not leave one with high income. This is why I have to ask for donations. At the current moment I have less than 10€ in my bank account (all of them). I don’t have any money for what I need to buy (that would be food). I hope things start to improve once my income and other royalties from my stories that I am selling on-line at Kobo start to increase.

I don’t expect to get a lot from e-book sales for the next 2 to 3 years at least. It is my long term plan that I won’t need donation after few years or to be on social welfare from Iceland in few years time. It is my plan to make my living from writing books and short stories. But until then I need to ask for help as I am doing now since I don’t have any other option. I offer stories to those who support my work this way (send me an email if you want an copy of my latest published work).

Thanks for the support.