50 years since Surtsey island erupted

On the 14-November-1963 an eruption started off the south coast of Iceland. This eruption lasted for several years, starting on 14-November-1963 and ending on 5-June-1967. This new island was later known as Surtsey. This eruption was an start of eruption period in the otherwise unnamed volcano in this area, inside this volcano also exist Vestmannaeyjar islands. Only ending in the year 1973 with an eruption in Vestmannaeyjar islands. Surtsey is an protected islands and tourist are not allowed to go there under any circumstances. Only scientific missions to check on the developing flora on the island are allowed to go there few times a year.

Rúv News did broadcast a news about the 50 years since the eruption in Surtsey and they included a lot of pictures of the eruption as it took place in Surtsey in the year 1963. That news coverage can be found here, but it is all in Icelandic. It includes an video from Rúv News.