New volcanoes found 900 km south of Iceland

In an recent study mission on Reykjanes ridge they did discover new volcanoes. What was discovered is that there appears to be more earthquake activity outside the main rift zone than originally thought. They also found volcanoes that are up to 2000 meters high (from the ocean floor) and have some other oddities too. At this south part of Reykjanes ridge there is an fault zone at the south end of it. According to the news the Reykjanes ridge is now about to break it soon (in the next few million years) and extend it’s reach more south. This area of the Reykjanes ridge appears to be high in volcano activity, a lot more then previously thought. All of the volcano activity at this location goes unnoticed due to how remote this area is and how deep the ocean is at this location.

I don’t know what this fault zone is named. But I think it’s this one on Google Earth.

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