New bank account for donations

This is the new bank account for donations. If you have been using the other bank account you can continue to do so, it’s still active and can be used without any problem at all (I have no plan to change that).

New bank account:
IBAN: DK3579100001662199

If you want to send donation to me with Paypal you have to send it to my email address ( If you want to donate to me every month you can use the button on this website to do so. Thanks for the support.

Update 1: I no longer have Skrill account since they did terminate it for some reason (unable to change currency or something of that nature). So please do not try to donate using skrill account at this time. It just won’t work since I currently do not have an account with them. I am looking into this situation and I plan on creating new account with skrill soon, but it’s going to be on different email address due to security reasons (at skrill) I cannot use my older email address.

Blog post updated at 15:42 UTC on 15-October-2013.