Bank problem

Today (11-October-2013) I found out that Sydbank had closed the account I was going to use for people to support me here. I am not sure why that is, the best explanation I got was that it was not correct account type I was using or something of that nature. I have already got a new account (the correct type) to use.

For that reason if you have sent an donation to me to the provided bank account it is going to be returned to you since that account has been closed. There is nothing I can do about this, it’s out of my control. I do not know if your bank applies any fees if this happens. That is between you and your bank to find out.

Update 1: This account number that I use here (below) is the same one as I told people to use few weeks back. So if you have donated with that bank number before there won’t be any issue at all.

If you want to support me directly you can do so with this account (until the new account is up and running). It’s active and I have no issues with it. If you want to donate with other ways it is still possible to donate with Paypal directly via email ( – It is spam protected here). Currently my Skrill account is not ready for use yet, but I am working on it.

IBAN: DK7979100001594574

More details can be found here. I am sorry for any inconvenience this might have for people who are trying to support me. I have complained to Sydbank about this and I hope this won’t happen again. Thanks for the support.

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