Changes in a way to donate/support me

I have decided due to Paypal poor record and history to stop using them. There was also the issue regarding the donation button that is was not supposed to be used for donations, as the donation button was for tax except charities (why the hell do they have it on normal accounts?). I have also issue with the risk that Paypal might close my account of I start to collect large amount of donations for one reason or other.

I am currently opening up an account with, at this moment I am in an validation process and I do not know how long that process is going to take. Once I have finished the validation process with I am going to add donation buttons from them to this website and other websites that I have.

For the moment my Paypal account is open and donations can be put into it by using email address only. It’s also possible to donate to me and my work directly and secure with my bank account information. That information can be found here with more details.

Support/donations needed: My current situation now is that I have no money at all for October, none. Today I did spend the last of my money from donations to buy as much food that I could to be sure that I had something to eat for the next few weeks until the start of November. My problem however is that I do not expect this to be any better in November, it’s going to to the same hell hole of money issue and not being able to afford anything at all. I don’t really know if I am going to starve this month. I have done my best to prevent it as is, but I only have so limited amount of food in my freezer and fridge and I am not sure how long it’s going to last. Any support is welcomed since anything is going to help me. Thanks for the help.