Earthquake south of Hekla volcano

Today (08-October-2013) at 04:48 UTC an earthquake with the magnitude of 1,9 took place south of Hekla volcano, it’s depth was 7,3 km. A second earthquake took place at 04:59 UTC and had the magnitude of 0,8, it’s depth was 5,8 km. This earthquakes where not felt. It is also unclear what is creating this activity, the most likely reason is change is magma pressure inside Hekla volcano plumbing system. This does not mean an eruption is about to take place in Hekla volcano.

The earthquake south of Hekla volcano. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Earthquake activity in Hekla volcano has been unusually high for the past few months. Improvements have also been made on the SIL network close to Hekla volcano, this means that more smaller earthquakes have been recorded now then in the past. So far there are no signs of this connecting to an imminent eruption in Hekla volcano, the volcano has remained quiet so far and it’s unlikely to change at the moment.