Magnitude 5.5 earthquake deep on the Reykjanes Ridge

Last night (26-September-2013) an earthquake took place deep on the Reykjanes Ridge. This earthquake had the magnitude of 5.5 according to reviewed results from EMSC. This earthquake was close to 1000 km from the south coast of Iceland so it was not felt by any human. Fish and crabs might have been disturbed however at that location. More information about this earthquake can be found here on EMSC website.

The earthquake location on the Reykjanes Ridge. Copyright of this image belongs to EMSC.

An aftershock with the magnitude of 4.6 was recorded on the same location. Information about that earthquake can be found here on EMSC website. It is possible that more smaller earthquakes took place in this location, but due to distance from any seismometer network any smaller earthquakes then this are not detected at all.